Democrat Melanie Stansbury Wins US House Race in New Mexico


When president biden name deb holland to be. Us secretary of the interior. She made history as the first native. American cabinet secretary in us history. She also less historically created an open seat in congress and tonight is the special election to replace her now. Republicans desperately want to pick up a seat in the house. Democrats desperately do not want to lose one. Because of how small the democratic majority already is the house of representatives but polls have closed now in new mexico's first congressional districts. Let's check in with steve kornacki to see what we know. Hey steve hey rachel will we know a lot and this happened in just the last five minutes. What you're looking at on the screen. It's elaine slide here and it's significant because i think the question right now has shifted. Who is going to win this race but to how much the democrats are going to win this race by. Let me take you through. What just happened in the last few minutes. You see melanie stains. She's a democrat mark morris. He's the republican. You see a two to one edge here for stains barry. Essentially what just happened. Is we got the early. Vote slash the absentee vote. You'll mail in ballots and also the vote that was cast early in this election. That's a huge huge chunk of it. We got it from the big giant county that makes up the overwhelming bulk of this district. We knew the democrat was going to do well with this big chunk that just came in. We didn't expect necessarily it would be this well for the democrats so a thirty two point advantage here for stands berry with that. That's certainly exceeds. What the democrats did with the early absentee vote in. Bernallio county. That's albuquerque back in november. It certainly puts stands berry on course to win this by a decisive. And this is where margin. I think becomes key because i think that's the storyline that everybody's looking to in this district. It wasn't necessarily. Which party would win but with the democrats win by a convincing

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