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Medically to play but only made it to about the 6 35 mark in the first quarter. Now, Alex Caruso is questionable to return. Left ankle strain is what they're calling it. Unfamiliar with an ankle strain, but that's what's plaguing Caruso right now. And Wolf Key in on these first five minutes of the third quarter, and I should note JB that 33 points by Devin Booker. Matches. What he had last game for the whole game. L. A ball to start us here in the third should be into our left toward their own bench. Shrewder from the top of the art drives by Crowder layup. Good. What did he need that he was one for six after going over nine last game. The Lakers on the board and winning the third so far as shrewder gets away with Calling Chris Paul pretty good. See if he gives it up the booker between the circles. He's a long way away. But that won't stop him. The bridges block to block in underneath. The 18 has been awfully quiet tonight. He's followed going to the rim by Marc Gasol. Yeah, I was just going to say that Sean, a guy that was averaging 17 12. On 80% shooting from the field. DeAndre Ayton go scoreless and his team still up 21 at the half. There's free throw is good Lead is 20 for the sons. What jobs James Jones has done in this front office, huh? I mean, two years ago. This team wins 19 games 19 games. Jones is hired as the GM soon to follow us. Monty Williams and If they get 51 this year in the regular season eight knowing that bubble last year, I think really In this team, a bunch of confidence and Chris Paul pick up. TCP finds Gasol elbow left and then on the give and go catch a lay in and a foul as Kentavious Caldwell. Pope finishes The assist by Marc Gasol. How long Chris Paul? Needed a healthy KCP in this series clearly banged up. Come in, and I one of 13 from behind the arc, looking a lot more. Like the KCP. We've seen here for the last two years for the Lakers, and his free throw goes down to give him 14 and that matches LeBron James for team high honors. As Paul brings it across half course. 64 £46 past Booker pops out from the top of the art Booker splitting two runner at the rim off balance. No good rebounded by LeBron James. James slows up keeps the dribble alive at the top of the ark just past the castle in a willing passer gives you right back. LBJ for three missed that glances off the room right to the sternum of Jae Crowder. Urges his teammates to push All brings it up between the rings. 64 46 early third

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