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Thanks insert sponsors who are in sweep as well as our commentary on a whole bunch of stuff so love might know getting fucking Mak to the over easy podcast episode. eighty five. It's so good to have you all here today. On sunday may twenty third though close. No yeah point. Because i'm going to engagement party this weekend not yours. But that's exciting. Yeah cody ks getting well. They're getting eloped which is like the more cost effective way of getting married. I i mean we're getting elope. Oh so you're saving money and he goes. Yeah i mean that's pretty much what clear needed last year and then we couldn't get our money back so we had to do a certain money anyway. Which will be doing in. Its like listen actually three weeks. That's why i got this haircut dude Like i had to get. I was waiting. I was like. I need to wait a little bit to just cut it short enough so that it grows out a little bit so it doesn't look like new haircut hair. I grew up in that same boat. So after way too long as i usually do i i was talking about. I don't know why granted there's a lot of things in my life that caused this but like monday and things like getting a haircut gives me anxiety in this sense like what talking to somebody or what. Just everything about it doing it. Yeah like the more. And more about it. I think it's Apparently is adhd thing but just going to say adhd like. There's a reason why i'm terrible. Texture like replying to tex diety tweets emails taxes. Dab. like even. If it's like. I need you to sign this thing okay. I had seven appointment for my haircut. And i was going to have a heart attack. It's like an hour before the haircut. Like he's got my her speech like this. I really don't have to go back. Not getting away erica. I wait a little bit but my wedding. Because they're so different than i'm saying fucking fuck. I don't know why and i always told. My dad never understood this. He's just doing when i was growing up. And that's like you don't understand that. Like man i'll take you have. Do you try and do like the small conversation with your haircut person or do you. Just sit there and god stop talking. Yeah i'm sitting there. I sit down and he's always coming here like. Please don't talk please. Don't talk all. They want to know what i saw on the agenda today. Oh god whether it's good though. Yeah so like made you want to start cutting hair. Then i don't see. I don't want the person to talk to me either. But if they engage conversation i have to reciprocate it then like i had to pretend like i'm interested in it as well. It's just like yeah. I can't just be like that. Don like if you if you start asking questions i'm i'm gonna feel obligated to continue the conversation but i really hope it goes away yet. I hope just hits wall to your like if you if you could lose congress if you could lose interest in this conversation that amazing like numbers like if you don't say more than ten words in uber. That's a five star baby like just get to the destination in one piece more than that. we're talking for. I didn't ask for chatty cathy java. Thank you it was what i win in because it's been so long as showed pictures like believe it or not like once upon a time my haircut kinda looked like back just like. Are you playing a game right now. You literally showed your phone. You are addicted. We oughta i like you sort of battle and then it battles yes. You're maxing. yeah. I'm totally about But we doing the the the haircut and the thing is like. I'm anxious to hear but then when i get a haircut as long as they don't talk to me. I like haircuts. Because i like people messing with my hair not like not anybody but like like if somebody like like greg cosmetologist or something like that. Yeah like i like like head. Scratchers feel great haircuts or core fight. Here's the shampoo. No no no. Just kind of extends the haircut. You know that it's towards the you wanna haircut or shampooing allah. Get out of here at that. Please give me out of here. But if they don't talk to me it's like super peaceful than like. I'm mike. i get to a point where i might not asleep. But i'm not awake. Kinda kinda like biden and the haircut feels good and then it's over but like i like that part but then it's like thinking about the next haircut. I i can wait like several months the the i go to floyd's and the best part about floyd's is they have that like single razor thing they do on the neck at the end. It's like oh feel that's the bad like the warm kind of soap to see my favorite part bro. I got burnt on that though. I really like be. I got cut razor. Burn in for a couple of days miserable so now every time they do it and when i'm all about it i haven't had a bad extremes. Well just wait until you do right. But i do like. I think they also do like the shoulder size. He didn't ask me the fudge. This is the first time actually asked you like. Do you want soldier. Mer sauce and i was like yes. Sure i guess yeah. I super meeting. I thought it was going to be like like we. She brought it the machine. I was like okay. Let makes sense. That's they come out of there. It's like so how's your day. How you feeling you little

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