Judge Orders Richard Sherman to Be Released From Jail Without Bail


Sherman's arrest. This is a total downer right? It's depressing on every level. Just to catch you guys up on the latest things are settling down a little bit in terms of a judge did order that he could be released from jail without bail Thursday. Um, King County District Court Judge Far it's difficult Pacific Islander named Pronounce your Farm Mommy. Mommy must tonight part of me for pronouncing that incorrectly found probable cause that he did commit for offense for offenses. The prosecutors did not ask the judge for a finding on a felony residential burglary allegation porches initially but they have not yet filed Chargers. The charging decision is expected today. His next hearing is set for two o'clock Pacific today. He does not have to be present. One thing that did happen is that his wife made a statement yesterday. Quote I love and support my husband. I am committed to helping Richard get the support and care that he needs. Richard has always been a loving father and husband. We are looking forward to seeing at home, this family. Unfortunately, the video of his door incident went public, and it's all very unseemly and said John Lynch of the 40 Niners told Matt Miyoko that he reached out to the Sherman family to be a resource help. Anyway. Here's Ian Rapoport of

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