How Merck's CIO Is Driving IT Agility With a Product Mindset


Dave welcome to tech nation. Great to speak with you today. Thanks for having excellent. While i thought we would begin with your your current role as i mentioned a moment ago. You're the information in digital officer. Talk a little bit about The purview and perhaps a little bit about the two sides of that role. Sure thank you we. Have we have a team of about thirty three hundred talented. It professionals that support our ended in global business From early discovery in labs to clinical development manufacturing supply chain sales and marketing as well as all of our corporate functions We have division. Cio's that face off to those business. Units i mentioned in that we have a set of shared capabilities for infrastructure security enterprise application analytics etc. We have A four hub model globalist. We've hubs in. Singapore prog a brand new jersey in austin texas and yet interesting. I always get asked the question you know what's the difference during the cio in the cd arrow role in your never felt the difference. You'll ask some people say well. The cio's are focused on kind of the it infrastructure and the ceo's are focused on driving digital transformation. And for me. I always looked at the two together and had the opportunity to do both roles in animal health. So i i guess i would say you know. The the cbo is a little bit more about actually driving business. Transformation in change in making sure that you're applying that technology to drive real value. So yeah those are the two sides of they're all.

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