A highlight from LCB Ep. 375 - Major Announcement, Loki Season Final Discussion, Top 5 Things That Need To Stop, The Suicide Squad Thoughts, and Forever Purge Review


I'm not that at all. I'm not at fifty and beyond cousin. He can get me out of this massive pay. You can't handle the true. Maybe not maybe fuck yourself security out kid. What book dot what we thought here knees. Yes just talk row. Well we're going. We don't leave roads. he thought. Happy all off welcomed the lights. Gary bars lizotte three seventy five jeff. Low ken jeff tro bonds forever. Purge episode We hope all of you went out and saw the forever persian in theaters. Because that's the movie we're gonna talk about. Well we're going to talk about the purge as a whole which. I didn't know up until about five minutes. Ago is not the last purge movie already in development. Oh yeah we'll get it. Wasn't this one name like the final purge and then they were like We gotta we gotta keep milking. I feel like it will. It may be making that up So we'll do that. They're going to do it. No no relation to the movie were to draft of things that need to end slash. Stop things we want to stop. Forever could be relation to. This could not happy off the top though we noticed that was our irregular theme song Why you ask well. We do have some news. That will probably surprise you a little bit. We're gonna get out of the way now because we're gonna keep podcasting after that September fifth sunday september fifth. Elsie will be a different podcast. Going forward our good friend and co host. Trombones is finally hanging up the cleats hanging up. The yeti blue microphones And we'll we'll get into more. There's there's another month left in all that. And i'll get emotional about receiving kim jack's gifts and jeff and all that stuff but you know we've been i've been doing this for four years and i do stuff and then move on and it just it's time for me to move on and that's that more anyone who listens the pod. It's pretty obvious lately like we've had different dates and i m menon psalm. And it just you know. Let's call spade doesn't work from. He does technically work for barfield sense but he's got a real job in a family kid. this was something that we've we've delayed for a while on trial has continued to just keep podcasting despite is very busy life. So unfortunately the normal l. be will cease to exist because cannot going to try and recapture the magic. It's not something it's not worth it. We're still going to have a pod. This will have interviews. Still we have some big interviews lined. We've steve zahn next week. We have henry golding next week. Steve zahn hopefully doesn't hate us next week. Hope we don't like fan boy out too much. Steve zahn where he's like. Steve zone hated. If steve zahn hated us that would that would that would be the reason. The podcast is ending. The whole interview is going to be paying. Like what if you were in this movie. Zahn who would you played So yeah. And i'm thursdays. In september this pod will be a bracket podcast. And you'll have more on that to come will be breaking down like eight things like a bracket of eight things would be fast. chains Soda could be sports. Jerseys are youtube channels. Well it's myself ken. Jack and then. Our co workers. On nick stephen jay owen. So it's a exciting things. He's still get moving. Interviews websites getting exists youtube. All that shit so we'll get more into it over the next month but just have to rip the band aid off off the top and the last movie that we're going to review as a whole is going to be a marvel movie so we're have mr sunday movies in a comeback on the next month of kelly back little bunch people who've who've had been on the pod before Before we close out here so that's part of the reason is when you guys are gonna kick start a new thing and i just you know giving you not like giving you time but staying on. We're have more time to develop that and again all. This is really awkward to talk about but also you can call us like a retirement tour. So it's like it's like when kiss you know when they get kissed together again and they just they just all out there standing in one place the stage detroit rock city. It's just like that. It's like whoa. Like wow rest in peace kobe bryant but also like jeeter like when they go to ballparks and they would get like pretty shitty gifts they probably weren't gonna keep like here's a jar of dirt from fenway. It's like all right. Yeah here's the. Here's a glass panel from the toronto stadium. Hotel windows in the outfield. If that's kind of cool though that would maybe want that all right so more that to calm just had to say it off the top and we'll we'll do just normal stuff. We're gonna have fun we're gonna will. We have some we can use definitive drafts and rankings but today the forever purge and our draft at the end. What's going on other than that. What's happening ken jack. I believe you are traveling this weekend. Going to phoenix for the finals on saturday.

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