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Most prominent cases at lease people on their i completely cavein i apologise late now to the which on so the mall to the twitch full people and it simply a petition people's o people just ignore petitions what's the point in not will tax the entirely the plane is the petition demanding the oprah winfrey disavowal her friend paul vi wind speed now if she ignores that position but it has a hundred two hundred thousand three hundred thousand signatures that's a pretty big deal so the whole point is for her to ignore the petition which he overwhelmingly likely will if she does disavow in then more power to her we had an impact but it's simply a petition let lesson alex she got up the golden globes an event organized run hosted by the hollywood foreign press association this is a media organization a collection of journalist but recall on only hollywood won't have they said about a sexual abuse scandal in hollywood for the past twenty years nothing absolutely nothing whatsoever despite the fact that everybody knew about it for the best part of the past 20 years member it was going to come out in two thousand and full new york times spiked that story this organization is known about it got people like matt damon ben affleck who knew about why used in women in the nineties this is like two decades neely be full oprah winfrey was hanging out with him close professional relationship be seen the pictures he's literally knows ling his a iaea in one case was the picture of her with the actress kd noble when they met winds dina 24 scene of an in london noble who went onto via lawsuit against winds themes basically right pinger said the oprah was swinging off his palm in reference to weinstein to law her.

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