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Auto body the bay area leader in collision repair kate pitches a check swing to he go known chad which in the first place empire rules in favor of so now that was a hard sinker and so no started and was and he was able to check in time again the bat going forward and did stop it again it's out of that grey area some were caught some won't here's the pitch swing a drive to centerfield waiting for it is hernandez makes the catch does your tags up becomes a throw away the third and it's not in china throw back the second his why did not anti go kieser an ad is made a serious mistake right they're all he could see was at he thought he had a chance to throw odd does your at third and he gave away the ground doubleplay that could end the inning that just can't happen got to know the situation before the ball is even hit nath you get the guy third well all right you took a risk and you got it looks like the giants are going to appeal for the tag up play at second base came after going into the stretch walks off the man and throws the ball to second and the tag of the bag my aaron hill and lance winds deal the second they surprised it no no he didn't too soon so that's the first out of the inning with that's that's a very serious mistake because if you have runners at first and third that groundwater had somebody could end the inning with a doubleplay now the twins can get a run with a groundball that same doubleplay grounder could knock in the tying run much less you have to runners in storing position now as allied ride base it does interfere right away i bridge basit this atr does your scores and here cameras our to score and the twins go ahead so immediately the twins exploit that mistake and so it goes for the giants right now they can get away with anything so it's four to three minnesota and with jason castro coming up bruce bochy is heading in the mount cames day appears over.

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