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Can't help you. I can't help you out with nothing, Nothing but Iran's stat now Hey, what's happening? George haven't haven't seen And I talked to Jo about the island is so true. Yeah, yeah. You know, the game was on. That was the day the storm we were talking and he was ah! 18 audiologists, Ron and I'm sure you went and watch the game. Right? I run for a little while, which is really bizarre. Sitting in the middle of the afternoon watching. What did you think? What did you think about when all of a sudden Leo comma Ralph is in the lineup, and Tom Kuniko was not? I mean, were you stunned? Did you realize you were happy about it thinking? Hey, maybe this will help the penalty kill, which has been so brutal like Is that what jumped in your mind? I'm not even sure what a penalty kill if I don't you do it, But we'll let that I know, you know, you know, public elaborate, you know, could be interesting. I still think that they should have Atleast attempted what they think you're trying to do put teams and bubbles police training camp, But next week, it looks like, you know, team do you do on Wednesday or Friday? I think we could get together as a group was beat out of me The first big step. I know Evan you mentioned, you know, have been written about 12 too. But I think you Sharon's first vote to come out with us. I think it's a no brainer. That the number two quarterback has to be quarantined and you have to do it. It's just I'm not quite sure, maybe even the third hole scouting, but I don't know. Have a number two quarterback on any team gets any type of work. If you're quarantining guys, you have to take that approach. I really do. I think you've got to be extra careful because If you get a positive test from your starter now, what are you going to do so you don't want and it could lead to even more So I I think it's a strategy. A lot of teams they're going to try. I think we're going to see a lot of different kind of strategies. During this football season that maybe we wouldn't expect because we're dealing with something completely unprecedented. So Keep an eye on that. Harvey and Dick still say, Harvey Harvey Heaven how you both. What's up? All right, Okay. I want to talk about a two minute of points for your consideration. But I just want to ask a big favor. You don't you're under no obligations have been talking and talking, talking about the major league plays wearing man on the field. All of them, not just the coaches. I really want this season to continue. I'm asking you as a favor. If you could consider it and mentioned it in the future that try to do that. That's all I'm gonna say today about the two met points. Ah, it was great to see a great defensive, a good defensive performance by the Mets. And Ah, and I understand that they want to play Resent me when it comes about women is obviously an asset. I do believe that one thing Is that when you have Dominick Dominick Smith on the bench, a terrific First baseman, I I personally, you're gonna disagree with me. I think Alonso should be the D H and Dominic Smith to play the first base every day, And that's my opinion. The other thing is We know we talked about the Kano trade. A pra nausea, Andi, we know they know that and I mentioned over and over again should never had to give their prospects in the trade. Now you I don't know that much about Billy Hamilton. What I've seen of him is that he's fast. A lot of speed catches, the ball can hit 2 20 hitter. They included yester opinion They included May the 14th best prospect in that raid. They don't get him on waivers named Humphries. And I don't know if this is going to be a mistaken on. Maybe you two could fill me in on that. Well, the other thing is, and this is where I'm not sure if it's going to turn out to be this monumental disaster because I don't know what Jordan Humphries is going to turn into. But they sort of did the same thing in acquiring Jake Marisnick, where They've traded. The guy's name is Blake Taylor and Blake Taylor's pitching in the major leagues, and he's been effective now. Does that mean he's going to become like this next top closer for the next 10 years or a solid reliever for the next five years Now? I'm not saying that, but it does feel like Brody Van Wagon in has been very Loosey goosey, as some may say in trading. It's thes potential bullpen. Arms for peace is that you're really shouldn't have to give up that much for Jake Marisnick is not a guy who's really worth all that much. I got to be honest, Billy Hamilton, and I've always been a fan of Billy Hamilton has a guy as a weapon coming off the bench because of what Harvey described. He's got a lot of speed. He can steal a base. He plays really good defense in center field. Is that necessarily worth a potential bullpen arm down the road? Or a guy who's 15th ranked in your farm system doesn't feel like it. Honestly. Joe Billy Hamilton, Jake Marisnick. They worth much? And so I think it is very, very fair to question I know the seem very minor and they may turn out to be minor, but they also may look really bad in a year or two. I don't know. I don't know. I can't get notes about that. I really can't what I wanted always Billy Hamilton gonna be upset a fielder everyday to be very honest. Cause they need the defense in center field. They really though they they need the defense in center field. And I love that speed aspect, of course, because he can lay down a bunt and also, if he's on base, he can just it slows down a game. But he's still your pictures had gets on. You know, he's looking to go damn right question about Now think about this scenario when Brandon Nimmo was leading off, and I'm all in on Nimmo leading off job, Billy Hamilton with that knife, right? Okay, the night places, so think about this sequence. Billy Hamilton somehow gets on that's been his biggest probably doesn't get on enough, but he gets on base. OK, he is now in the pitcher's head, starting pitcher stepping off. He's throwing over, and he wants to throw more fastballs because it's easier to throw a guy out. Don't fastballs opposed to curb on the dirt all of a sudden, Brandon Nemo, who has put together the most consistently good at bats by any New York God means well, he's you know, he's on face all the time. Well, he's at the plate during this sequence where the pitcher's head is gone, because he's worried about Billy Hamilton is a pretty good chance. Brady Nemo's journal Walk, You know, I mean, so I like it. I think it's it can create some havoc. To his first point. You know what? I'm surprised about it. We talk to rose for 25 minutes. We get everything. And honestly, we talked about everything. We'd be here for an hour. I'm actually surprised that we're now how many games into the season and Peter Lanza was not d H one game, I think of it. See, I think that a lot of zone needs to play first to keep his head on, right. You know what I mean? Maybe maybe that he needs that to be just left alone at first, you know, to continue to get him out of his slump. So what you're saying is what if he starts hitting? Maybe then he'll be more comfortable with him afterwards. You know I wouldn't do it yet. I'd leave it alone that might mess with his head even more. You buy what I thought was really interesting that, Louise said, And I think both of us had the same reaction. Anybody that watched the game The other night is how startlingly good JD Davis was 1/3 base and Jeff McNeil loved. Jeff has been very mediocre Third days and J. D. Davis has been terrible in left field, and it leads to the question of. Well, that's a simple change. Shady. Davis plays third, Jeff McNeil plays left. Ain't that complicated? It's certainly sound the cordon Louise RoHaas that that's something we are going to see. That we may see that kind of flip of McNeil playing more left field and J D Davis playing more third base, So keep an eye on that. Yep. Quick break. We'll come back with more your calls, 877337 66 66..

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