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Doing what can't be done for national security because our way of life depends on it Visit periton dot com for more info I'm rob stallworth WTO traffic Now to storm team four meteorologist Michelle Grossman It'll be a very warm and humid afternoon with temperatures in the upper 70s the low 80s And we could see some strong thunderstorms isolated but still bringing us a chance for gusty winds hail and heavy rain possible Tonight mostly cloudy staying mild with temperature is only dropping into the mid upper 60s Monday is a partly to mostly cloudy day warm and breezy once again and we are watching the chance for strong to severe thunderstorms in the afternoon could see damaging winds hail heavy rain and even a few tornadoes are possible highs 80 to 84 And I say on Tuesday with mostly sunny skies high 75 to 79 I'm storm team four meter Just Michelle Grossman And taking a look at storm team four radar right now We are watching a line of showers with some severe cells and it's stretching pretty much 81 right now Still mostly west of I 81 They're now you're starting to see some showers pop up in the front royal area that are connected to this And per Seville right now So parts of loudoun county and Fokker county will start seeing some light rain with that as we watch this more serious cell of storms move closer to I 81 and we'll keep an eye on that for you right now 80° rest in 76 and Bethesda two 51 a WTO the weather brought to you by dulles glass for all your glass mirror and shower door needs visit dulles glass dot com Dulles glass love your glass and just ahead here on WTO We're going to tell you about how a hospital is doing a new type of robotic surgery My favorite part about summer is that I get to go to camp accomplish I've been counting down the days since last summer What I love most about camp accomplish is it's an environment where I get.

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