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The United States has not rounded the corner that is from Dr Anthony Fauci. . The Nation's top infectious disease expert delivering a blunt specifically worded rebuttal to the president to, , of course, , <hes> Said said the other day that the US is rounding the corner on the pandemic. . I'm sorry but I have to disagree with that because if you look at the thing that you just mentioned the Statistics Andrea. . The. . Disturbing. . Disturbing. . The US Steph told you shy of two hundred, , thousand number of new cases hovering around forty, , thousand, , a day and an influential model. . At the White House sites all the time predicts the death toll will more than double by the end of the year. . Four hundred thousand people dead by the end of December, , and yet trump's behavior continues to scorn mask-wearing or social distancing his rally yesterday you see it three thousand supporters more than that. . Actually packing an airport hangar in Michigan without masks without social distancing. . And and you might say why why are they doing that? ? It is clear. . They are following the leader the person that they are there to support. They . are following the president just listen to them and then listen to the president. . Care for it. . It's that simple. . I don't see it for myself. . I am young and likable are year are not young. . People are very strong. . It gets this horrible disease. . Temperature taken already, and , I'm not saying not necessarily here. . Everybody's been tested and I've been tested a hard time understanding people when they. . So that's why I don't wear. . You can hear me right now I can hear you you're going to have to take. . You can take it off your your health how many your wet Well if you don't take it off your very muffled. . Those trump supporters <hes> Jim Acosta speaking to them getting those very powerful Soundbites Jeremy Diamond is out front and Jeremy <hes>. . You know very strong words from Dr Voucher tonight specifically using the words rounding the corner. . No, , we're not right. . Exact words the president used to rebut his claim. . Yeah, , no questionnaire in Doctor FAUCI typically tries to avoid directly contradicting the president's or directly confronting and putting himself in opposition to the president, , and it tends to happen quite a bit <hes> simply by the fact that the president often downplayed the threat of this virus in Dr, , Fauci is stating the facts, , but it is notable to see dumpster here directly contradicting the president saying, , I have to disagree with him on that and he does because ultimately Dr Foudy does rely on. . The facts you relies on the science and the facts and the science show that the president by any metric you consider is wrong when he says that the United States is rounding the corner on this and of course, we , started this week Erin with the revelation that the president had intentionally misled the American public about the deadliness of virus. . He said that he likes to downplay it, , and what's remarkable is that we are finishing this week with the president continuing to do. . Exactly that because the president is saying that we around the corner, , he is saying that the numbers of corona virus cases are plummeting. . When in fact we know that we are at a plateau of nearly forty thousand cases nearly a thousand deaths per day and Dr found she is warning about a potentially difficult fall and winter, , and of course, it's , also remarkable when you see this rally that the president is holding three thousand more than three thousand people huddled together very few. . Of them wearing masks and obviously it's coming from the fact that the president in his rhetoric has really downplayed those things. . Yes he has acknowledged in in recent weeks. . That mask wearing is important. . He is called a patriotic, but , he is still not modeling that public health behavior, and , of course, , for months on end, , the president downplayed some of those significant public health safety measures and as you just showed in that video, , the president's words. . So often being mimicked by his own supporters. . Jeremy Thank you very much earlier. . We spoke to David Plyler these local Republican official in North Carolina and he spoke out this week urging president trump to wear a mask during his rally in that state the state by the way I wanna make it clear has a mask mandate. . So we asked him why why does he feel the president should wear a mask and here's what he said. . The president is a citizen of the United, , States Nettie wants North Carolina. . is asked to voluntarily do that not is a matter of health alone. . But in the leaders situation, , it allows the leader to be seen by people he or she represents and they generally hopefully would follow suit as an elected official. . I've been asked to look out for the safety and health of our community, , and that's exactly what I was doing. . So. . Yeah. Know . that's just the reality right? ? That's how it should be but this has become political and plyler happens to be Republican. . So he got some feedback on his comment about the president. . Here's what he told us about. . Well I got backlash from everybody they didn't call it say I'm a Republican or Democrat. . I hadn't felt on for south. . Carolina. . Who taught me a cuss words? ? A sailor has never heard before. . We also ask piler why he felt the need to speak out right? ? Why? ? Why did he do it? ? He could have just been quiet and just rolled his eyes and been angry about it but he didn't he spoke out and he said that mash to be worn, , the president should wear one. . Why do you do that? ? It's something we have to do. . No chores. . And this is not the first time that plague of this time has hit this country nor will it be the last I'm sorry to say in we've had plagued across the United States. . We've had things in Europe. . We've had him an England China just goes around the world I just hope we can get out of this. . So. . reasonable. . So calm collected. . I want to go now to Dr Jonathan Reiner Director of the Cardiac Cath Lab at George Washington University Hospital who else would advise the white? ? House. . Medical team under President George. . W.. . Bush. . So you heard Dave plyler right I mean it just just just so reasonable. . So clear. . And and he wants the president's followers to to wear masks wants the president to wear masks you heard them. . They they they scorn it. . They disdain it. . It comes from the top. . Do you think it's possible to pandemic would be a lot less worse if the president had from day one said where mask. . I think if the president had said from day one everyone is wearing a mask. . We'd have got forty five thousand deaths in this country and I say that because that's extrapolating German experience they've had a middle of the road haven't been the best. . They haven't been the worst they been okay in their pandemic response. . And they've had about ten thousand deaths. . We have four times the population of Germany. . We'd have about forty, , five, , thousand deaths in this country. . So about one hundred, , fifty, , thousand people would be alive if you WANNA think about why we still have forty thousand cases day and a thousand deaths today in this country is because. . We're still talking about masks. . It's so basic. . It just seems so nefarious now that we've heard the president. . Really articulately express how dangerous this virus was on February seven. . He knew the route he knew he knew how lethal the virus was. . He knew that this was ACM dramatic people. . He understood yet he decided not to protect the people. . It was a conscious decision not to protect the people even now even today. . Do you think his supporters would go and be unmasked. . If they knew what he knew you think Herman Cain would have gone to Tulsa. . Sit there shoulder shoulder without a mask knowing what the president knew. . So so you know you Dr. . Fouled. . She the president said that we were rounding the corner the latest in his many salvoes sang right it's going away. . But that's what you just said. . Doctor felt she came out today and we're not rounding the corner, , right? ? I mean he didn't. . He didn't talk around it or generally obliquely rebutted he rebutted it using word for word because he felt it was important and then he went on to say this. . When you're in the middle of a pin damage and you're trying hard to address all the appropriate issues, , it is truly a waste of time. . The bunk nonsense but unfortunately, , we had to do that. . Frustration is coming through in a way I haven't seen it before. . I admire the man. . So much I'm he is a brilliant scientist who's devoted his life to protecting America from all kinds of horrible pathogens. . And <hes> he still added and he he he he does not get discouraged. . Look. . It is a waste of time for him to have to deal with some this nonsense, , but it's necessary. . He has to debunk we rely on him. . If only the the White House brought him out to these press events and had an let the press on Moss as can questions wouldn't that be refreshing? ? I'm grateful for him everyday

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