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Apply and are subject to change. United Services Automobile Association and its affiliates. SAN Antonio, Texas 6 18. Traffic and weather on the AIDS. Let's check in with Dave Tilden. Okay, Sarah on the Beltway in Virginia, I can hear him dispatching for a crash on the outer loop. They're putting it near. I 66 but I've got traffic in the camera south of Georgetown Pike at a near stop. So at least one crash on the Beltway on the outer loop between the claim and Tysons, and I think it's gonna wind up between Georgetown Pike and the Dallas told road, But they're sending a lot of equipment out that way right now, and I was out south of Tyson started 66 as well. Now between Falls, Church and Mary feel the crash on route 29 involved three vehicles. It's near Fairview driving the intersection. You're under police direction there. And on 66 westbound You're 29. Gainesville. The crash on the far right side that one's not causing any shred of a delay. Traffic is very light out there this evening because of the wet weather because of the holiday. A lot of people are just not traveling today. 95 no delays between Springfield Fredericksburg Beltway in Maryland, no crashes in Montgomery County reported. First word of one on the inner loop in Prince George's County between Route four and Allentown Road. Look ahead for a sudden slowdown on the inner loop route 50 between the Beltway, the Bay Bridge, No delays, but a lot of road spray and all the more reason to slow it down. Dave Golden w T o P. Traffic. Thank you, Dave. Now, some of us may be having a little slip and slide on the roads tonight. Let's check in with Storm Team four meteorologist for Just what to expect. Good evening, Sarah. The good news is that haven't had a real reports of Ah lot of ice across the region that Spencer reports.

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