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The final rule statistics will be go. Absolutely ballistic. Then looking up at the box in heaven's guy you've delivered in the second round man's being outboxed and suddenly he drops the guy with the left of it's irrelevant. It wasn't a punch. So it's a big spo-. It's a big spot, but it should have actually might motivated power a little bit more. But as we were, we've toot since since the and let's say it now. One more time park is always used these chin as part of his defense because he knows it's such a great gin presumably, never heard. Never wobbled. Never down includes twelve rounds. We've we've any Joshua. He used as not the last line of defense he uses. Sometimes it's the first one. If it's you makes no attempt to bring his hands up. He knows if he froze it. A big looping lift took a big right hand, and it misses wildly, and he's going to give a counter. He's such faith in his chin. He's. Bothered that came on the unravel that complete mystery. And I think it was more evident than before after throwing punches. Joseph Parker brings his hands back very love both after the left jab and in particular after the right cross, leaving himself wide open for the left hook, floored him in the ninth. Although in a ninth round, he thrown right avocado and then brought the the hand back low, which is entirely reasonable to expect that stage of the contest when both men were really tied, even though they had three and a half rounds still to go. But it hasn't struck me so much in the fight against Anthony Joshua, because he was much more defensive and covering up in that particular context and wasn't nearly as particularly in the early stages as he was against Josie park. But it was interesting sitting we're, I was at ringside Steve directly in front of me with talksport crew just to the right with a Sky Sports crew, and they were seeing completely different fights off the four and five rounds talksport given everything to Joseph Parker that stage and look. He was on the way to a landslide victory, whereas skysports sports and Tony Bellew and others where we're seeing much closer. Yeah, they was in much 'cause I, I got to. I thought it was a tight fight even to even right at the very end and Parkwood. Got it. By around two, I wouldn't screamed if Delia white. Got it. Like he did buy one free and five, no problem. We've won threes a bit wide fives. Be absurd if you don't mind me saying. So there's no way Dylan white wins that round that fight by five runs. I think Parker could've dropping Parker could could could could of Nick and you can see why there was such a difference because all you score in it for two Afri really good jabs or Dillion, why get any shoulder? And he's bolck fern his left elbow followed by his right hand and then push none of which have Landy. But they've pushed a back pocket was easily manhandle, but I think he allowed himself to be Manhattan that was his lightness of foot. He what he didn't have to. You didn't have to stand these grand. He had no reason to Stanage guy. I'm just attach an Asterix that you mentioned that the star of that when you through that to me about any Joshua and you never saw. From Joseph park in the Joshua fly. And that's because Joshua never went ovaries from foot. He never was aggressive. He never falls Parker, and that was hard of the argument if you member rightly Mike, and when we sat to cook Immonen in that dingy room and the principality stadium with the rain coming through wall to come in food, Yoda buckets everywhere in that room, it's and it's an electric, has it someone's going to die in one of sweats is real real dingy pressroom when we sat in there and when he was asked the question about Joseph, Joshua's asked a question about, do you think you should be more aggressive? He said why? He said the left was work in food or are handy, was county. And so I did it with a left jab and we moved on why that was some admission. So had Joshua put the pressure on. He might have got puck around. He might have dropped Parker twice. He never did. He never did, and I liked that..

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