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Going to be pretty good when it's all said and done kouzmin already is good but it's lebron i mean you could have your katie lebron debates i don't know why that makes everybody so mad when on the other hand the lakers don't need the brian which one of those statements is more grievous honestly which ones mortgages the ideas the lakers don't need lebron is way more offensive than katie is nipping at lebrons heels and i come off is the hot take guy i last michael junior here on espn radio and the espn app and he's right the names are great kuzina ingram ball that's fine we talked about the youth of the seventy sixers for so long during that process time and how they needed someone needed a veteran presence to shepherd them through all this what better veteran presence even if you missed the window on the front and to learn from them lebron james i understand his presence would probably come at the expense of one or more of those guys but man how young is this group in la just write a headline the other day that the lakers organization had to come out and publicly asked kyle kuzma and lonzo ball to stop roasting each other for the national spotlight to stop going on twitter and cutting distracts and doing all these things that is definitely entertaining to them but has gotten to a level where even the lakers after that distract felt like a little too personal for everybody so all right maybe guys need to hold up a little bit like and it's not saying they're bad guys for it it's just saying that's a reminder how young this team is that's the currency in the modern world and the lakers are like yeah you know what guys were were professional basketball players we've got to kind of chill with this first and last michael junior here on espn radio and the espn app and it just makes no sense this idea that yes even on.

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