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Are a hater time week. We have a guest. Join us come into us alive. He is the best college football writer in america. Wayne really gonna talk about. None of that spencer hall was going alma. Stevie wonder what's going on. I just want to get straight to the point. You might be here to talk about college football and if you happen to bust in this room right now and ask me a question. I will address it but unless you're an intruder were just talk about stevie today maybe a little brown by saying we'll make a quick slow transition into stevie by stopping at the midpoint between stevie at college football which is south gioja. I feel like everybody learned this week so they may not have no. Which is how south georgia gives down. How blencoe gives doubt glencoe not here for like me browse these met when he was nineteen and we didn't think much about it after that and then we looked up. I was like damn. You're an old man. Now you're an old man. You sound like it. I don't you can tell by the way. Kwami brown has an uncle or an elder somebody that he is absolutely patterned. This particular speech pattern. After because i heard it and i was like oh i know that guy. That man does not really care about your opinions. He starts conversations by asking about your opinion but he does not really care about her hugo. What what do you think about. Joe biden and you go well you know. Here's what i think. He's here's what i think. And then it just goes. He knew that guy and call me. Braun has basically subsumed his entire identity. And if you think by the way that outdoor cares at all about anywhere else or anything or about how anything goes in the rest of the world. then you're wrong. It's one of those little pockets. Right kind of like was talking about south alabama. Vikings right like like alabama's its own little universe. South georgia is its own tiny little universe where people will make great distinctions between will where you from. Well you know from daily on the bill now judgment right like that means something different than being you know from savannah or being from valdosta right. There's very fine gradations of things and kwame brown. I can tell just from this video from the hour. That i watched would yes. Yesterday i did spend an entire hour watching kwame brown. Go off on. All of his haters and indulge only the thickest of south georgia and basically it's southern accents. I watched the whole thing yesterday. Well my thing was. All he gave was the to make you so burns. Slow right like it was all like i always liked like i always thought take. It was better than either but the thing about ether in verses takeover was takeover was for everybody either was for one man and the jay z. In this scenario for brown is clearly mad. Bart's like he's got some problems with stephen jackson. He's got some problems with stephen. A smith but matt bart's that's the one where he's like. I m restoring this new life over and over again. Yeah and by the way another important part of the ether or the distract here is that it's not fair. We don't necessarily personally condone or endorse any of it. You're just there to listen to the sheer hatred. You're not there to say. hey kwami. this isn't unproblematic. No on the contrary. A lot of is very problematic intense sustained and is it deeply felt one hundred percent. Could you go ahead and through it and say. I don't feel this way about this at all. I'm actually kind of offended by this yeah i'm not sitting here and saying any of its good or condoning any of it. I'm marveling at the intensity and the sustained aggression of it. Because i'm pretty sure he could have talked about how much he hated matt. Barnes for three hours. Yes and think that people need to understand is this is a dude who had an abusive relationship with his father as i understand it and then went into the nba where he walked into an abusive relationship with michael jordan and it seems very clear to me that has been like i may have to take this from my pops. I may have had to take this from michael jordan heart. Stop that's it. Nothing you from matt barnes. Can i say by the way that given everything that he has been through both from his upbringing abusive relationship to his father towards a professional mentor ship. And i'm using that word real. Ironically from michael jordan i think while may brown is actually displaying a pretty high level of evolved mental health. There is something iron in this man that cannot be broken because all kwame brown was in the nba for the better. Part of a decade was joke. And when you say that kwame brown will respond. And i am quoting here. I put my mom on a golf course at eighteen. That's exactly how on me brown will come back. Be like you think. I'm joe that's cool. Talk to the bank account because he does make like you go through the video. And i'm sitting there saying like a. I don't condone any of this man's got points. Man does have points in the middle of all this. Like for instance when he says a man in the nba failure. They know man of bust. That's true there's something to it you know you made it to the nba. Now you might have been a number one pick. Your value might have potential have been dramatically overestimated right but one at brown will say. I went to the wizards man has points. You'll stay even with that. I my favorite part in terms of scale. This is where you go. Yeah the nba is completely distort. Your understanding of what wealth is when he says yeah gilbert arenas you're like the worst human being ever borne you know i was set to eighty million and you took money out of my mouth right when he says that he's like yeah. And then i had to sign for the lakers for just twenty seven mill. That was the disappointment. Which i'll admit if i'm already over there and that's my scale and i'm a six eleven guy who can block shots and dunk. I'll be bitter about that from my perspective. I'm not exactly seeing the huge tragedy. There you still got twenty seven mill gave. It is sixty three for his career. My favorite part about. I put my mom on a golf course at eighteen was that he was nineteen when he got drafted already. Good flow that too because either one the money already begun to flow right or he's wrong and he's just forgetting it which is even funnier right. But he's just like just let him go. he's on one. Let them roll. Did you know he went to high school with that wayne right. No i did not know that we had attaway right. I don't know he pays for now. But he's pitched for the cardinals and we had him on highly questionable. And i didn't know anything about them and so google and then i was like oh he's from brunswick in his age and i was like i wonder if he knows kwami brown. I was like oh yeah.

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