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There are hands and they are on a body and things are sexual things are happening in that room behind it at time professional is not literally touching her act career at it and then there's also you know the betty dotson modality hands on hands in where she is touching you guiding new showing you and yes she's she's amazing so she's she's dr patty's com mentor um yeah and then so to be hands off like you what is what does that mean that means that i really work with people around issues within a relationship and also i see dating clients allott so um most of the time they're just questioning whether or not their norm also in a lot of ways i'm a support for them to experience what they're experiencing and have acceptance around it there's a lot of permission giving it's a lot of education it's a lot of goal setting and trying to get them from point a to point b can you give me sort of a concrete example just so we can imagine the type of dilemma someone might have and what the coaching processes like i work with a lot of women who find a disconnect between the sex they have with themselves in sex with a partner so they might be single or dating and just really having a challenge with translating their experience with masturbation into the bedroom with another person and so what we do is try to hammer out like what are the things that are actually happening for you during masturbation.

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