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True roller coaster in the trial of very buff monopoly. Man Roger Stone yesterday late on Monday federal prosecutors recommended seven to nine years in prison for the longtime trump ally and former moore campaign adviser for impeding. Investigators in the Muller Investigation Stone. Sentence was unusually harsh charges. But that's because he also threatened his judge on on Social Media and violated a gag order. Folks that's just Roger Being Roger on Monday night. Trump tweeted that stone sentence was unfair and on Tuesday day officials with the Justice Department submitted a new filing recommending a much lighter sentence for stone. They said they're move wasn't influenced by trump but apparently it felt gross enough to prompt three prosecutors on the case to withdraw and one prosecutor to resign from the department entirely so yeah it was a bad day for the rule of law will be following the story. Emily you know just how much trump can control the courts from his thicky. Little iphone I would also like to refrain from using the phrase sticky little iphone the T. Mobile. Got The okay to go through with a plan to take over its competitor sprint. Let these companies kiss each other. A federal judge approved the merger yesterday which combines the country's third and fourth largest wireless carriers now with a combined total of about one hundred million customers T.. Mobile is better position to face off with its other competitor's at and T. and verizon the approval signals yet another example of the trump administration's affinity for corporate monopolizing. The White House won't stop until there's one one big mega corporation left in the country. I just hope that cooperation is You're very uncooking. Media Indigenous groups in candidate inspired an enormous protest movement to stop a proposed pipeline from ravaging their land. Nearly Twenty eight percent of the four hundred sixteen mile coastal gasoline pipe passes passes through with two. It's inlands and if any other pipeline on earth is an example the wrist to land and wildlife there is very real. Indigenous protesters have erected did blockade camps along the proposed pipeline. Route to prevent access to construction sites disrupting rail schedules and passengers. An injunction against the blockades has has been in place since December thirty. First and Canadian. Mounties have arrested more than sixty protesters as they've moved to clear the camps and yesterday Americans watched with bated breath as people all in the northeast cast votes. That could decide the future of our nation. Yes it was the Westminster dog show where well behaved dogs. Go out to see. Who is the hottest in terms of a dog? This year was a historic one with the golden retriever. Making it into the final seven for the first time ever. Apparently the show dog world thought that they didn't like golden retrievers but that all changed when they met Daniel. The dog who is more beautiful than any celebrity. The judges awarded best in show to a standard poodle named CBA robbed. Which is fine? If that's what you're into. But the real winner of the night it was Google images which just received a big data dump of very glamorous dog shots and I got making all of them my background on my phone those sweet beautiful pups and those are the headlines. That's author today. If you liked the show make sure you subscribe review to a tweet. That gets us out of jail until your friends. Listen by the way if you're into reading and not just the latest research on global warming being in the closer family like me. What a day is also a nightly newsletter check it out subscribe crooked dot com slash subscribe ign Akilah Hughes? I'm getting resnick. And a NASA easily audience New Hampshire. We'll see you twenty twenty four. This will work better. When you're back it works.

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