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The pride passion and pageantry of college football lives here. This is the Paul Fein bomb show hour three podcast. We'll be back. We'll be joined by Ernie Johnson a couple of minutes, 7 time Emmy Award winning broadcaster. And that's really just part of his story. We'll introduce him in a minute. We had Bryce young on earlier, the likely Heisman winner and a more humble young man you have never met. Let's get back to the calls at 855-242-7285 and Shannon is up next. Hey Shannon. St. Paul was stroke by how soft spoken by young was that was really, really a striking characteristic. I did not expect to hear from him. Yeah, it was I knew it a little bit about him. I was more surprised that he was even a soft spoken as he was as expansive as he ended up being about his family and what's important to him. It's always refreshing to hear well spoken college athletes. I was an English major in college and I really enjoy that. Paula, tell me if I'm wrong, but a couple of weeks ago, did not hear Jim come down pretty hard on somebody for quote in the scripture on the air called him a heathen and all that kind of stuff. Listen, give me key. Can I get back to you on trying to differentiate the times Jim is called somebody that? So. Hard at work at the moment. I think it was I'm in something I'm in and brought up to him about hebrews or something. I don't know. They called him a psychopath. Yeah, well then on Tuesday, Jim hung up his tall by saying F them to your production staff, which I thought was kind of contradictory based on his support of the gospel. Hey Paul, big question for you. I noticed that Mike Griffith and 5th in recent both wrote articles today, one on dog nation and then went on the athletic about is JC Daniels really an option and does Kirby know something about the quarterback situation we don't. Right. You mentioned last week or early in the week that you've heard some things and there's some stuff out there. How possible is it that JC Dan isn't an option right now? It's possible. And let me scrape away. This is what I miss about being a writer. You can go back and take out what you just said. It's possible that he's an option. He just may not be a very good option. Yeah. And I know that as a journalist, you probably hear a lot of things that you're not comfortable divulging or until it's substantiated, but I just can't for the life when we believe that Kirby smart can evaluate 21 other positions on the starting off in the defense as well as we can. And fall short evaluating the quarterback position. And I think what happens, Shannon is rightly or wrongly, whatever you've done becomes part of the narrative. And I will forever defend him on Jake from, and I think we've had this conversation. There was never a moment. You could have given fields, maybe a little more room in one of those. I think it was the Florida game. But other than that, he was not a better player at that time than Jake fromm. If I've got a second I'll tell you a quick anecdote. When I was coaching off his line, we had three big upper classmen big kids. They didn't block somebody's view. They couldn't play dead in the cowboy show. They were terrible. But they were upper class when they were big. And our head coach said to me, you've got to run those kids off. And I said, why? He said because of their stand on the sideline and everybody's going to look at me and say, no wonder we're losing our biggest kids around the sideline. He soon and if I play them and we lose, they're going to look at me and say, you're an idiot. Look how big our kids are and we're losing. You know, sometimes we as fans make a 100% evaluation on 10% information if that makes sense. We don't really know. And I just don't buy into the narrative that Kirby can evaluate quarterbacks. I fully believe that playing Jake trauma over field at the time was the right decision. There's plenty of information out there why Jacoby's and transferred out and didn't make it back on the field. And I just got to believe that there's something else here that we don't know about. Well, I think if you want to answer that, you have to study the entire amount of information that's connected to JT. And go back to his leaving LA, the injury, why it took so long, why there was so much confusion? Was there interference were there things going on that caused Kirby smart to wait as long as he did? And if you come up with some conclusions there, you may want to move them over to the current situation. And there you and at that point you might be able to have a couple of clues to why this is such a conundrum. Yes, thank you a couple of the smoky things that are out there in the stratosphere. I really do. Thank you very much, and it's always a pleasure Wayne is up next. Hey, Paul, happy holidays and thank you for taking my call again. I had talked to, I want to give you some stats on what brass young and Roman Harper had said about will Anderson and Aidan hutchison and but I want to first say I talked to you about three weeks ago and when I was doing a top 25 countdown of course, Georgia, which was the best team in the nation and still may be an Obama fan, they could be. But my question is, they said it was Georgia and everybody else, not given by chance. So I'm getting that on this top four on the housing. Which is very likely to win it. But I want to say hats off to ayden Hutch is in Michigan for making a playoff in aid and had a great career this year. But the stats that I want to give you right here that I want to read and I think Roman Harper said something about the sax he come on strong with 13 or 14 sacks. But here's the stats on that. And Aidan Hutchinson had permission had 20 58 tackles, 387th in a nation and will Anderson had 91 tackles, 71st in a nation. Yeah, wait, and if I could add this, I appreciate the support for will Anderson and I'm with you. And I made it very clear how I voted in the Heisman Trophy, but it's not going to change anything. And I think most people realize that this was an error..

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