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Hey guys it's me. She will be back in a couple of weeks with a brand new israel story episode. but today we're excited to introduce you to a new podcast that launch this fall. it's called schmaltzy and it's created by the jewish food. Society schmaltzy explores the intersection of jewish identity and food through live storytelling like the dishes. These tales revolve around the stories. Come with a complex mix of flavors joy disappointment laughter longing and love what i love about schmaltzy. What makes it. Special is how it celebrates the unique power of storytelling to unite us. Even were far apart just in time for hanukkah the episode will be sharing with you. Today is called midnight. Lakas with liz newmark. One night twenty years ago loses kids pleaded with her to abandon bedtime and make lots kisses. Liz couldn't resist today. Lack gaps in the memory of that night old a deep meaning for her. If you enjoy this episode of schmaltzy. I highly recommend you. Check out the rest of their episodes in subscribe to their feed their next episode features israeli tv food personality. Gil hovav a new york-based israeli chef. Not that the money okay. Enough for me. We'll be back soon with new israel story episodes and till then is schmaltzy. Do you think that you're able to reveal your lock goes secret ingredient. When we get to a certain level of subscribers we will post the secret ingredient what level is described. As do we need to get to. The gauntlet has been thrown down. Kane netted lynch the from the jewish food society. I'm amanda dell and this is schmaltzy each schmaltzy podcast episode revisits. A personal story told a jewish food society live event. Pull up a front row seat to hear the original live stories from the stage. Then we'll go behind the tales with the storytellers for more today on schmaltzy liz newmark. Liz is a chef and the founder of great performances in award winning catering and events company that she started as a waitress staffing agency for women in the arts in two thousand six. Liz establish catch ski farm in kinder- hook new york and founded the sylvia center a nonprofit organization dedicated to addressing issues in children's health lose is a third generation manhattanite and was named one of the one hundred most influential women in new york city. Business by crain's new york some stories. You just don't wanna stop in the middle and this is one of those stories so today we are going to break with the schmaltzy podcast tradition and listened to loses entire story before she joins us in the studio. Here's liz from the schmaltzy stage at the new york city wine and food festival where she shared a very personal story about loss living in the moment and resilience so about twenty years ago my catering business was really starting to take off and it was such an exciting time. We had just moved into a great facility in hudson square. And we're getting to expand within that footprint. We had signed the contract with ian schrager and we were operating the hudson hotels so we were really cool. And every day was a combination of meet with customers and clients and internal planning and of course events and all. This was really great. But for the fact that i also had for young children at home under the age of ten and my husband constantly worked laid and when he was working late he was traveling so as you can imagine it was really hard to find balance in my life trying to juggle work and home so i realized really early on that the key to my success both privately personally and professionally was secretive schedule and a routine and stick to it now. I knew about planning. Because i was from the event world where everything has a plan and a timeline and you stick to it no deviation i had waited a really long time to become apparent and i did not want to be an absentee mom. So most days. I took my children to school race downtown. Flew home at the end of the day in order to join them right at dinner time and then we would do baths and story time. And that was the routine heels off sweatpants on and after they went to sleep i would of course get back online and get back to work and try to finish up. Whatever i'd started that day and sometimes they even out to parties so one winter nights started out like most accept this night. I had a really big presentation to finish a deadline for client. So i got home with the baths and the ready for story time. I'm kind of thinking. Let's get this done. So i can get back to work and nelson katie. My nine and eight year old daughters were in their room. They were playing and chatting and wait information. Finish up with the little too and get to them. Sam who was eight and sylvia. San was five and sylvia. The baby three had picked out. One of their favorite books called a story felina in the book. Lena's grandma shares a family fable about apple strudel. So how can i describe what happens next. You know the book if you give a mouse a cookie thing well talking about apple strudel. We started thinking about apples. And talking about apple's of course led directly to apple sauce and the mention of applesauce little sylvia's green eyes lit up and she looks at me and she says why. Don't we make lockers right now and we can eat them with applesauce. Okay so let me tell you about lakas in my family. It's not a special event food. It is not just for. It's kind of like peanut butter and jelly. But it's not because peanut butter and jelly is really quick. Lakas is all the ingredients and it makes a mess and you need a lot of time and then you gotta clean up. And i'm thinking. I gotta get back to work. And she's looking at me like and then sam starts in Grew up to become his high school debating team champion so he tells me they're hungry. Says mom will do it really quickly. And we're going to help clean up and you know what tomorrow night. We will skip stories and we will go a bit early and you know what were starving and sylvia's just egging him on and looking.

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