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All right matthew is by the way Thirsty call notes. That current is three hundred passing yards three hundred point five passing yards per rogers a move a lot. But yes. gimme the over if we have a question that is on football now on sunday and it is evolving aaron rodgers and whether he does something successfully or not. My answer will be yes. Let's get to the running back. Rankings matthew and rather than talking about just one to begin. We're going to talk about all four in the game on monday night. Detroit and green bay. And i think really. It's three darren jones de'andre swift and jamaal williams with ha dylan canavan. The periphery there. Bad week for everybody in green bay dimension to it was a bad day at the office bed. The office just bad day happens. So i've got aj rate to my top five. Matthew i have no issue whatsoever. Aj aaron jones jones in your talk. I'm sorry that was a bad miss. That was the bumps. Are you having your. I have aaron jones number eight on my board but a clear-cut rb one this week against alliancefense got gutted last week by elisha mitchell and the rest of the forty niners running back when they did play. Aaron jones will be just fine yes. Aj dylan not quite sure that we learned enough from week one because of how much that game got out of hand so all of us have an outside flex range unless you play a deeper league right but the lions running back sort of interesting matthew because i feel like our takeaway that we stated several times over from week one was that you can kinda play both but as bad as we think they're going to be on defense and is likely as we think it'll be that they'll be playing from behind. Can we count on the offense being effective enough. I would love to know maybe could dig this up. Maybe not they were down. Forty one seventeen. I think with like four minutes to go in the fourth quarter. Like i wonder how many fantasy points de'andre swift and jamaal williams accounted for and just the final four minutes of the game so on the one hand you're like wow they both finished with eight catches. They both had top. There were twenty five and twenty four point seven fantasy points for those two players like is it possible that they're going to be down big. They're going to be some opportunities. But williams doesn't yield fifteen fantasy points. Even look anything's possible. But this packers team that allowed one hundred and seventy one rushing yards in week one against the saints. They're bad and i like if you're anthony lynn. What do you wanna do. You wanna try to control the clock. You wanna keep aaron rodgers on the sideline. You try to take lambeau out of it like so. I think the last for right look i get it. I get it your listen you know. Everyone has a plan to their punched in the face. I get the whole. You know the mike tyson quote i get that. They're going to try to run the ball and they may not be able to but both guy i think. Outside of tj hopkinson..

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