Eric Garner, Officer, Twenty Years discussed on The Majority Report with Sam Seder


Um but i should say that having you know twenty years ago been on the street in on ludlow street back before it was anything but a residential area and uh there was a half done of a dozen of us coming out of a comedy club we got busted with a joint uh two or three of us had to go down to the two we got tickets with the cops words perfectly nice to us they gave his ticket went down to the the city hall nothing happened that was it how is that was airway of basically saying look we know there's a lot of like young people coming down here to party which wants to take it easy you know are opposed to like called all right yeah exactly exactly and and and there to the heart of of the entire issue because if you listen to conservative media about this um you know what they'll say is a wide in the guy just comply when he was arrested why don't you just go along with it at a lot of it has to do with exactly the sort of this informal difference in the way that certain things are treated right like you know if eric garner was walking around that he's he's selling untaxed cigarettes and he's cells the fifty cent cigarette to somebody and a and a police officer season that's likely going to end up being a real summons or a real arrest at whereas you know you might get pulled over for actually having wediat it or you know real drugs or um you know somebody in a in a nightclub might be also buying loose cigarettes and police will know about it not do anything about it systematically and that's that's the difference.

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