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Get in touch with me for sales training coaching charge higher prices secrets nine four nine six five zero triple zero six four nine. Six five zero zero zero zero sick operator standing by? Yeah. And the charge higher prices. Poster matter of fact, this'll segue into Eric because he puts on awesome conferences. And once I was speaking of his conferences, and I brought this big laminated charge higher prices poster it was all the rage. And if people want that download it's charge higher prices dot com slash poster, take it away. Erik Swanson starts one of my friends. Lisa. She she and a friend of mine back from Canada. We would always have laminated jokes. So even for you to hear the word lemonade. Yeah. So we've got Mr. awesome. And the first thing all of my listeners, of course, is how did you get the name, Mr. awesome? We know Mr. charge higher prices. Okay. Right. But who gave that to you, man? Yeah. So I was coming off stage is in southern California and a. Coming off stage people were like high five may everyone's like, what's my book and grabbed my book and signatures and so forth, and there's this gentleman les Brown. And he he looks at me, your, Mr. awesome. When les Brown calls, Mr. awesome market out of you're like, I'll keep that one. That's a huge problem. I love listening to last Brown. His voice so powerful so moving so amazing story. I mean, if all of you have heard a story you used to sleep in liberty city. It's absolutely just unbelievable. And where he went in his life, and he just believed it maybe Brown's baby. Boy. Yeah. The way he always finished to something. I love how smoothie speaker. So I mean as as a speaker coming from the roots of Brian Tracy, Brian Tracy is somebody's fellow Canadian Canadian over Scotia. So for me, there's there's just that connection right there. You know? I don't know. But you will. I I appreciate that. Eat that frog like his book and the things that you probably learn. But seriously for our listeners, look Eric Eric's going to tell you about what he does. But from what I've seen as the way other people are going to see you go around you travel, you inspire people you help fulfill people's.

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