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Because of person gets into certain circumstances you are married so you have to have an agreement. That's all i'm saying. The agreements do what will be one of the agreements. Oh wow okay after. Think about that for another show. In the meantime in the meantime i'm gonna talk about got you brought up by the way. I haven't message sean. I'm sorry listen. Listenable listen call. Dj rahm jon call him. That's the message you heard it. Okay actually do have a role mccoy at the show she called once you slide outta town and you ain't call my husband so let's get on. I engineer hello right privilege so since you was talking about fives. We're gonna talk about food. Because i was listening yesterday. Y'all was making excellent points about food and you know. Food is one of my favorite topics. Kazama foodie gloves booed. So i want to ask a question now. You know. I'm an international traveler because my own trial company and everything and one of the things that i do when i travel is i do eat There is a difference when you go. Eat in europe versus. When you go eat in brooklyn have you ever noticed that sean. I never been to europe right. But it's fresh couldn't even bittu uber. You've been okay. i've been to the bronx. I've been to brooklyn you know. I'm in new york city girl. You know that brooklyn in the house so the question is why. Is there such a big difference between the food that we hear in the food that you eat when you go other places..

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