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Can get tickets at ten. All star band. We've got Jay on bass, we have idea shy on keys, drums, basically, himselves dro- on percussion. Pete Whitman on win-win woodwinds and Covey Covey, you know, Kavi, please. Don't get mad at me because you know, I mess up your name everytime. See so I copy. That's a lot about him. He's. Excellent. Tastic each you have to have a print Sewri. And I know people are coming into town. There's gonna be a lot of activity around Chan has said because that's where people will take the buses to go over to PC perk. You either view have a print story Gwen. Imprint story. We were jamming, you know. He always had those dams that is thirty. And so one night I had done a Mabel staple Mavis. Staples, tenants background session at the end of it. We were all jamming in the middle of it. So I was hitting the cowbell to knows it Nakao. He looked at me. And he wanted my cowbell. And so in turn he gave me his tambourine. Oh, so I was trying to through the tambourine to me. And so trying to give it back to him. And he didn't take it back. So I still have my tambourine, and he would come into Rupe? It's abundant even go hardwood. So that was about that's that's that's that's a very good one. How about you Debbie feel? You do hit it what you share with mice. Okay. Tells. It's after noon programming after all of what is drinking. Tom was nice when my keyboard player played for prince, Bobby Bobby, Tommy, Tommy. Tommy, Tommy Barbarella. He was an for me. Anyways. I he kept the I really wanna work with you to what you know. We don't have a problem with that. I said, you know, you got that thing going on with prince, and I don't because if he got called my gig, right, right? Play out a little bit more than prints when he does play out he plays out. But the rest of the time he's in a studio and stuff like that. But anyways, you know, he had those things that he did over there at night. Yes. Yeah. Those dance at a party. And he just said, no. Going to have you gotta come out to you got to come out to one of my said hunting, my car won't go there. I was living in Burnsville annual drive to where. Okay. Well, so one night. I was crying really hard to paired must do and we'll go out to and I did go out there, and it was fun. And then I walked in Princeton me from bonkers. Okay. Sure. Right. Pop, blah, blah, blah. So I went in and theory was Debbie I said, hey, I don't he goes, I'm doing fine. And then the I went walking around just check in place. And then the, you know, the band started playing, blah, blah, blah, got up there. And then he came over to me, and he goes gonna sit in. No. Why didn't want to sit in? I had just gotten off my gig. I'd been sitting. I wanted to do end, you know, they wouldn't do that. I wanted to do. I mean, really did just he could go and go and go that is kind of legendary thing about him went too much though. Yes. Started messing up his hips and all that dancing involving voting down. Yeah. Smallest he was right? That's where his pain started. And all that stuff that he had to take to try to leave. You guys surprised about that? I listened prized about his death. Yeah. Yeah. You did. He was at the Dakota lisera. Yes. On that. If you're just joining us with Debbie Dungannon Gwen Matthews of Henry, Doug Matthews. So you saw that night at the Dakota. I believe Liz right was playing there and he knew her. So he was hanging. He has spot when he goes to the KOTA. But then he was hanging out with her in the room 'cause it was one of the things that was me down from being able to say Hello to her in the dressing room with her. Hurry up. Casing.

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