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Soul intuition. I mean all of gets kind of messy and if we don't have an operational definition that represents correctly. Then we can use a lot of things interchangeably that we believe to be true that we can be given a nod for that. Actually take us down a path to ruin. Actually and that's why i suggest that again there be some level of ongoing council about what history informs us to be true about certain thoughts that were thinking in. What is history. Tell us about what that outcome is. So i agree eventually over time. What happens like for myself is that i've been in the game so long i pattern recognition where i can see it a snapshot in time the context of everything in note that pattern represents an. I can know exactly where it's headed in also come up with the right path forward to to the promised land but that's been experienced that in skilled that i've developed over time so is have you seen the movie. Milas rally. okay. It's it's a cool movie but anyways since i won't make reference never mind okay. Moving on so what do you think is the role of the elder inside of what you just share. You know having one human having a subjective experience but also checking in an objective term. You know whether things are going the way that you wanted to go and so on on. What's the role of now. Elder in this case will the elder Should be viewed as a resource is a reality check against presumption because the worst thing that can happen is that we make a judgment on a presumption that isn't true but it seems right and that happens all the time and there's the timing pacing there's all sorts of factors that need to be considered in regard to actions taken against the predictor desired outcome and experiences Different than intellectual learning. There's a lot of people to pass the test correctly but failed life experience therefore there needs to be an apprenticeship taking what we academically learn tested against reality it would be best an ideal if we do that in a safe environment where we limit the scar tissue and we don't take or put ourselves down cul de sac that takes five years tobacco battle of and a lot of time and effort in expense and we also then start to not trust ourselves because some of the reckless choices that we made. We thought to be true. That didn't work out so well. That's always a risk in this situation. You have a cornerman versus coach. Before i saw before. I ask you for the questions about that. Do you mind sharing your definition of coach versus a cornerman. Yeah sure the way that i look at it..

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