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Road sixty and west shore Boulevard will be closed tonight eastbound I. four past fiftieth street to the left two lanes to be closed southbound seventy five at state road sixty the left lane will be closed Carl Z. newsradio WFLA first a hurricane season warm and humid weather feels like summertime temperatures midday this evening possibility of an isolated shower or thunderstorm seventy four degrees are forecast low pretty close to the average is given the time of year eighty nine in the afternoon on Tuesday a thirty percent chance of showers and thunderstorms generally afternoon evening activity a forty percent chance with increasing atmospheric moisture on Wednesday with a high of eighty eight degrees a fifty percent rain chance on Thursday high of eighty six limited sun east winds fifteen to twenty knots sees two to three a moderate chop on bay waters I understand like sheep in a religious Steve German news radio WFLA streaming on your Amazon echo and over two thousand devices via the I heart radio at to talk to George Noory call the wildcard line at eight one eight five zero one four one zero nine the first time caller line is eight one eight five zero one four seven two one to talk tool free from east of the Rockies call eight hundred eight two five five zero three three from west of the Rockies toll free call eight hundred six one eight eight two five five to reach George via Skype user Skype name George nine seven three one three seven Georgia text message anytime at eight one eight two nine eight six five two one from the gateway to the west this is coast to coast AM with George Noory and this is the hour we'll take your phone calls with astrologer William stick Evers right here on coast to coast AM I'll tell you the things will need when we come right back well they call it the new censorship Facebook Twitter Google and YouTube are all in the middle of the.

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