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The other night and brown is blossomed here is a second year player as al horford goes the celtics go at least here in the postseason accurate or an overstatement no i think that's that's pretty accurate there i mean he's he was easily the best player on this team over the first two rounds of the postseason i would argue in those first few rounds he was a you know a top ten player across the impost season entirely just based on what he had was doing defensively against like honest and embiid and then clearly just being a very efficient offensive player of his outside shooting in this series you know it's been a bit of a different story tristan thompson has neutralized him a bit at least on the offensive end but he has perked up particularly at home in this series and i think that this other in need him to do that tonight i mean he that the team generally performs well offensively when horford gets involved whether that's from a shooting basis whether it's for dishing out assists he you know the team thrives when he's in the groove there so i expect the team to go to early here the cavs were throwing a lot of double teams at him in game six and he did pretty ought to pick that apart but they kind of went away from investigate went on here i expect tonight that they'll you know kind of go after that again and keep picking on it they're just to kind of break down the cavs defense because i mean if as far as an efficiency perspective there's few players have been better in the playoffs and al horford and they're gonna need that tomato obviously the kind of combat what lebron james is gonna bring to the table here two part question for you and we're talking to brian rob from watson sports journal about the celtics cabs tonight on cbs sports radio.

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