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Welcome to episode 6 of the Curious matter Anthology. I'm Jonathan pezza the Creator and host of the series if you haven't listened to Parts one and two of Philip K Dil kahi second variety, you should definitely pause this episode and catch up on the first two installments in the miniseries because there are spoilers ahead. Many of Philip K. Dick's stories explore the very heady and mind-boggling topic of what happens when we cease to understand the difference between what is a simulation and what is real sometimes the objects of his Fascination are replicants and in second variety. It's the combat drones at the center of story known as Clause Descartes. The philosopher said, I think therefore I am if we use this model to Define sentience today almost every item in our house would fall into the realm of a live our oven our television our speaker our phone. No intelligence has been gifted by technological advancement into almost everything we own we thought information was the key to our technological age. But in fact, it's modeled in addition almost every machine within fifteen feet of you right now has some level of intelligence built into it that allows it to predict and make independent decisions about the best way to help you song. Your food your health your dating life. What you watch what you wear who you vote for we like to use the word algorithm. The algorithm is the safe and French way to say. Hey, we got a Little Help From A. I I wonder how Philip K. Dick would have felt about that. Okay, let's get on with the show this week. We are continuing our adventure into a dystopian war-torn Wasteland with the surviving members of X-ray company. This episode of Curious matter is rated explicit and includes adult language and violence comparable to an R-rated film that our show is designed to be a completely immersive HD audio experience and his best when played through high quality stereo speakers or headphones. So grab a popcorn turn out the lights and enjoy the continuation of Philip K. Dick's second variety. And she doesn't like that. I'm not with them. She wants me to stay with them. Who told you this. monster pulled up. I need you to stay here. I can't let you vote. I have orders. I mean, sorry, sorry. Oh, I'm not sure if he's running back off in your way Glen the tower sniper. They just lazy went to Target liner David get down off. He's not breathing. What is this LT? I need you to see this impossible. The kid was a frickin Twitchy. Welcome to Granville as we call it like yeah our bass it seems what your toys were hammered know. What was the down here originally three companies of infantry wide mechanized armor Squadron of soccer. Falcon drones are a mixed bag of Chinese and aspirations. But most of the men were dead scripts from all over the place all gone. Now, let's not dwell on such things. You are here. We'll celebrate you like vodka off the cards you fall run like dogs, but they left the alcohol. What is the condition of the rest SRA forces in the AO who knows probably that you did your job too. Well, I think too too. Well as you may.

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