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It seems that question will match right question will match plus if mike mayock of the nfl network is selling a player that is generally the kiss of death eugen at you you want to go the other direction you you you wanted to do one eighty he's running that way you run the other way your good he's good he has these satam touch which if you're not familiar with it is the you've heard of the the midas touch right this is the opposite of the might touch touches the sadam touch wood may ioc says something generally ah the opposite takes place but there was something that i saw i i've talked about this in other places at another time only get a it here a little deeper are there is an interesting wrinkle to lamar jacks and that is his age i don't know if you saw this if you read this but lamar jackson is going to be represented by his mom iit's going into the combine in his mom is listed as as is rap so i some of the football scribes are in full panic mode those the cover the combine you would think this is a crime against the morality of football how could he do this i headlines terrible idea what what does he thinking red flag concerning all these things pop up about as gallimard jackson so an considering the fact it if you believe may ioc i don't want that the the patriots could be a possibility warm i thought we get into it i i guess the question here is shooed nfl teams actually be worried that eight top ranked quarterback is having his mom represent enough i say absolutely not uh i would say if anyone should be concerned about this it is nfl agents that ought to be worried they're the ones that should be worried right the thing about the.

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