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So, but do you think is hypothetical? If your poll varies experts within the agency that you. Help to run and said, do you think that thou Trump is an asset of Russia? Are there people there who would say definitively based on information that they have the answer is? No. So I can't say that. I can't say one way or the other frankly, because I imagine there has been a fair amount of information and intelligence at the agency is collected in the last several years that would help inform that answer. But you know, what we see, you know, openly transparently, you know, every day has gotta make you question. And and I think it's important to draw a distinction here between sort of policy approaches that you think gee, that's like ill advised. That's not how I would do it that seems to support the Russian viewpoint on this more than a traditional American going. You know, I mean, that's the president's prerogative. You know, we I think we need to give them the benefit of the doubt in some respects that he came to those views, you know. For example. So for example, his view on sanctions, you would say is a policy difference. Sure. I think it could be his view on the withdrawal from Syria. He ran and was quite quite clear during the campaign that he thought we were over extended in the Middle East, whether it was Afghan. I think the way that he has gone about announcing and beginning the drawl from Syria's completely screwed up. But you know, the fact that he took that perspective and others in the foreign policy and after scooter salad take the respect of. I don't think that's evidence that he is working for the Russians, but you can look at things like his refusal to accept the high confidence judgments intelligence queenie that the Russians attacked us attacked American democracy in the course to twenty sixteen election in you've got to kind of scratch your head and think why would an American president. Not embrace the intelligence community and not take the opportunity to defend one of the fundamental aspects of our country, our democracy. You can look at things like his sort of unrelenting attacks on the EU and NATO which again, you can look it as a policy issue or you can look at as a sort of head scratcher about why is it that he came into office, and essentially tried to blow up the two institutions that the Russians and Putin in particular are specially focused on trying to undermine. I do think the sanctions question is an important one. You know, there was a whole host of sanctions that were put in place after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and that had broad bipartisan support. In fact, you know, there are many who thought that the sanctions in go far enough. We have in the course of the campaign apparently conversations between his incoming national security advisor and the Russian ambassador about relaxing those sanctions. And you gotta wonder what it is that leads him to to these positions. But if he's an asset he's very peculiar one, not only because he sits atop the entire government. But I'm guessing in your experience. Let me ask you the question in your experience. We're gonna tell matters at the treasury department and just living life. How many assets are you aware of who sort of did things publicly to cause people to wonder if they were in fact in asset usually they like to hide that stuff? Absolutely. I mean, I think that the traditional technique of an asset is to not draw attention to the fact that they might be, you know, working for a foreign power for Donald Trump. I think the the question has to be not whether he is sort of currently. On the take from the Russians and having some, you know secret conversation going on, you know, signal with Vladimir Putin where he's getting direction I think the question that people are asking. And I think it's a good question is over many many years going back more than a decade us, see Donald Trump, the Trump organization having interactions with the Russians. There's plenty of open source information about financial relationships between the Trump organization and certainly Russians and perhaps the Russian government. There are multiple trips to Russia. You see Donald Trump saying things like the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan was done in order to combat terrorism, which is a one hundred percents the initially the Soviet and now the Russian line..

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