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Immediately. Lee Ted agreed said he would and then jumped in the ocean to make the swim back to the mainland Ted reached his hotel after two in the morning close to two thirty a m after he had showered and changed into dry clothes in Ted approach the innkeeper and stated that he'd been awakened by some noise in doing so ted seemed to have created something of an alibi for himself. Garden and Markham met up with Ted the next morning at eight A._M.. They were both furious to find out he had not kept his promise to tell the police about the accident. We can't know what was going on in Ted's head at that moment but his actions would seem to be those of a man who is hoping being that that car simply wouldn't be found at that same time as the tide was moving out a fisherman and his son spotted Kennedy's cars submerged in the water. The police were called in eight eight forty five the captain of the Edgar town fire rescue. John Farrar was summoned with his diving gear to swim down into the car. He found capacities body in the passenger seat. They recovered her within ten minutes and I did the license plate to find that it was registered to Ted Kennedy close to ten A._M.. Ted received word that police had found the car and the body over ten hours after the accident Ted Ted Kennedy appeared at the Edgar Town police station and reported the incident in his official statement Kennedy confessed a crashing the car and stated that he was both exhausted from his attempts at trying to save Mary Jo and in a state of general shock from the accident itself. This was why he failed to report the accident immediately. Ted claimed that he came to his senses after getting a few hours of sleep and that he contacted attacked police immediately afterwards Kennedy appeared in court a week later on July twenty fifth on charges of leaving the scene of an accident in the week between the incident and the court appearance the details of what had really what happened only became muddier and Muddier with questions how did Ted accidentally turn onto dyke road. The turnoff required a driver to make a deliberate right turn from a curving paved road Ted and Mary Joe had likely driven that route a number of times just on that day. Why did Mary Jo Leave her person keys behind the party? If Ted was supposedly taking her to her hotel Ted later claimed that he suffered a concussion as a result of the crash and that contributed to his inability to think straight or make rational decisions but then how is he able to swim back to the mainland to reach his.

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