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Taliban against the militants was a liberal was a pure democrat without any doubt busy has never supported a miniature regime then iit would have been a pleasure to see what you could do for women slower young bills it was a very challenging time for a woman to pursue the chief executive of pakistan um i'm just wondering she's so skilfully navigated pakistan's politics that do you think maybe she became more a political animal than really a catalyst for real change i don't think they're going to be any evolution are there can be any any big checklist for any grid jeans i think pakistan has all of this ad tiny jinja as tiny bought a seat lurks an little by little people solver it and of course we have great setbacks in the middle of but um i i think the little vote that you would have done it have been of great help and the climate had changed in two thousand eight it had become much more humanfriendly at that time even our speaker it was a moment that me them is up this was a woman and it would have loved to see the made them is that this beacon and then being issued as the prime minister it would have been quite a site and she up to you would she wouldn't have been ideal people's bodies all this prone to corruption and ended his an discern dimond of running a government itself which forces politicians into compromises um but as a young woman i would love to see the chief justice of pakistan of omon the jeepcom balmy out as of london a why not one odd those journalist amara ahmad and karachi pakistan telling us what the late benazir bhutto means to her who's a quick one before the break it's about this week's world speed chess championships being held in saudi arabia the tournament is part of a push by crown prince mohammad bin salman to improve the kingdom's international image but two hundred chess players from all around the globe are taking part but reigning world champion ana mazive chuck from ukraine won't be one of them she told the bbc she's boycotting.

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