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The hundred thirty ninth annual fancy farm picnic on the grounds of St Jerome Catholic Church in fancy farm governor Matt Bevin and state Attorney General into Bashir bitter rivals politically are facing off in the gubernatorial race this fall and they'll be on stage together lots of folks watching that also a Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will be there his opponent is not scheduled to a candidate for Attorney General democratic Greg Stumbo and Republican Daniel Cameron are also on the list to attend the Ohio state fair is reached its final weekend the Ohio state fair is winding down today and tomorrow are the final days of the twenty nineteen edition today's events feature Columbus to animals wrestling the Boy Scouts Pinewood derby and the giant pumpkin way off if you're thirsty get a drink of the beer and wine pavilion and walking it's really going to that you can also meet a lot of rumors there so not only can you sample some muscle great craft beers you can also see the people come across thank you actually create that bin store narrow handles the podcast for the Ohio state fair tonight they go retro with a concert featuring the turtles Chuck megaron who used to be with three dog night and the classics for will also be performing I'm Matt Rees newsradio seven hundred WLW AREDS update the Reds beat the Braves last night in Atlanta five to to Alex would gets his very first win of the year Joey Votto hits a home run to start the game off and the red look to take game three of the four game series tonight with the newcomer what many may despair share of mistakes wall in Cleveland including his last throw that he'd ever making an Indians uniform chucking the ball over the center field wall after giving up the lead in a game against the Royals but new Reds pitcher Trevor Bauer says it was another thing to learn.

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