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From the St. forty two I did a by mother, and my broccoli is an honor student. There you go. Then that's exactly what they are. Then we'd argue no one no one to argue. Right. I mean, if that's how they that's what they are. I love this story about the cap the co captain of the United States women's national soccer team, Megan via I'll probably never put my hand over my heart will probably never sing the national anthem again boasting that she is a walking protest when it comes to the Trump administration because of everything I stand for she added I feel like it's kind of defiance in and of itself to just be who I am. And where the jersey and represented because I'm as talented as I am I get to be here. You don't get to tell me if I can be here or not I wish I did me too. She wouldn't be I wish I could be deported. Where I don't care anywhere else as somewhere else. So it's kinda good f you to any sort of inex- inequality or bad sentiments that the Trump administration might have towards people who don't look exactly like him. Jeez. Which God help us. If we all looked like him scary. Really scary disturbing. Why? Why why are you playing for the country ended awake? Waking things got kind of nasty the run up of the two thousand sixteen presidential election, and shedding awakening. She became the first white athlete. The first female athlete to follow Colin cabinet lead taking a knee. And she said that com cabinet very, much inspired me and inspired an entire nation. And still does actually think about these things did he does he know because gets to they'll both those questions is no I would say the answer is no one, and really he inspired. I don't know enough to get a check stop talking about it. Right. That's all he wanted. Agonizing. It really is. It really is. I wish I wish we had to say it. I can't that's the that's the I know it's the women's soccer team. So. I'm guessing visibility is small on the way. No gradings. Maybe you're understanding. It's soccer a women's sports. So, you know, it's exceptionally apologize. You. They're good though, the women. Let's arts they're they're good. They want some some Goldman unlike the men's soccer team Karesh, you know, hasn't the women's World Cup apparently starts next month. I'm being told by rob does it. So obviously, they're talking to great to show the rest of the world that she. Oh, yeah. That'll be great. That's perfect. We're going to we're gonna we're gonna watch the games together. Right. Oh, man, hats big screen TV. And he. Are we ever? So are we no question? Just answered no. We're not university of boulder became the first university in the nation to commit to the United Nations sports for climate action immersive Colorado in boulder, actually, what I say. Did I say the university of boulder you did I did it is. It's it's this is the university of Colorado. There's only university of boulder. Those bastards is already bowling boulders boulder. Yeah. It's it's just it's Colorado universe. Yeah. Progressive their athletic department signed onto the agreement last week in an effort to raise awareness and inspire climate action. Isn't that great? The U N sport. Is there nothing? The UN doesn't get sticky grimy mitts into the UN sports for climate action framework..

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