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They didn't have turnovers. They didn't have steals or blocks track. This is the best performance in the playoffs. Statistically since nineteen eighty-three beyond the first round. So what he's doing when he did last night beyond the first one we we can talk about. Charles barkley did an amazing game in the first round of few like in nineteen ninety. Two damian. Lillard just dropped fifty five and a double overtime game against the denver nuggets. But this what we're seeing with. Kevin durant is the single best statistical performance beyond the first round since the full box score was tracked in one thousand nine hundred three tom. I was saying. I mean i don't know what is the greater compliment. What you said. I don't think it's up for dispute jordan. Never had that game. Given all of the circumstances involved that we never saw that anywhere in the career even in the playoff game. After which larry bird called him. God where michael jordan lost. He scored sixty three points. We have never seen that game from that situation from. I don't think anybody yeah. We haven't i mean you could put. I think you put in the modern era to me. Lebron's game six twenty in which he dropped forty one points eleven assists eight rebounds. Four blocks three steals whatever it was game. Six against the the seventy two. Seventy two ten seventy three and nine goals lawyers that is the to me a little bit higher than the simply because of the finals and the everything going on in that in two thousand sixteen season the stakes are higher in that game but statistically just looking at the box score you haven't seen this from michael jordan. You haven't seen this by steph curry. You haven't seen of the modern era. You have not seen a performance like this you can probably points and maybe wilt chamberlain and sixty two but nothing What you saw last night and giving james harden just. It was so he couldn't get into the paint. You could not get into the three point. I could not move any played. Forty six minutes and kevin durant. I mean the thing that really stuck out to me was when he was at the free. Throw line to put up the team up. Four in the in the final seconds of the game is two free throws. He's got forty eight points. They're up by three. He misses the first and he just goes. Who like so mad. He just like it became a medium right the face that he may became a mean. I'm asking you guys. Do you think he was. Matt moore mad. They didn't put fifty it was given tommy. It was putting the game away in movie. It's a four points and so it's a two possession game. He was more mad in his head that he couldn't get to the peace right. Yes one hundred percent top part of the reason. We're celebrating him the way we are. You're calling it. The greatest game ever played in it is the greatest game ever played is because of the absence of kyrie irving because of the stakes. But certainly because kyrie's not there and james harden is a shell of himself. yes and remember. I was on this show like two days ago talking about. This is the fact that kevin durant when he's not playing with james harden and kyrie irving. They're still really freaking good. They're really good. They're point margin is plus thirteen every one hundred possessions and people were writing nets off. Say oh there's no kyrie there's no gene. But i think there is something to the fact that when they play korean james harden no play the other guys know their roles in a play. Those roles better yet better defensive players on the floor and jeff green look at jeff. Green game is is a total anomaly. But when you look at this performance without those two guys In it's an incredible. Like what you stu gods want is. Put them on your shoulders as wade airing the team. He did that last night. I will say though to have a very stugatz opinion. He doesn't have to do it again right because this series is not over. They're going to win on the road. Now it's not always one. We have like one out of two games in in order to advance like and that's kind of playing every second and then having to go again forty eight hours later and if they lose that and having to go again forty eight hours later i for me. This is not. I don't think this is done as bad as milwaukee looked kind of bereft is. They looked in losing that game or durant prefers irving being outright tom for his own personal glorious just in general like he just

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