Where Should You Apply Sunscreen? Sun Protection Advice for Sweaty Runners


All right. We'll let's start out with the questions. This one is from different sarah. Who is on the hunt for sunscreen recommendations on my name is sarah. I'm runner from ohio. I have three young kids. And i have a question about sons I'm trying to be better about running wearing sunscreen. When i'm out running the no matter which one i try you're gonna stay on. I ended up with it burning. I i need some suggestions on better sunscreen on a very sweaty runner so i don't know if that if that is the problem or what that are. I need better about it when i'm out my friend. Thank you so much love. The podcast sued dimity. I thought of you and one of your best lines. Ever when i heard this question so come on. You gotta say where. Should runners apply sunscreen. Oh from the balls down the bottles down. That was one of our classic lines from. I can't remember which tour. Yes i've always down. Do not put it on your forehead. Do not put it on your forehead. I mean ideally wearing a hat or a son adviser something that will protect your forehead. And i think a to better idea because that part linemen that can also really get depending upon how how. How thin years how thin. Your hair is and where. It's party that that's been a place where people will get unexpectedly burnt. Yes so so. I think it has a good call But yes if you do that then. That's one thing the other thing is after you put it on your hands right. You can use your palm of your hand. You might want to wash them before you head out because often what you do is you rub your eyes right and that will get there so we often said like pull up the bottom of your shirt. He's the bottom of your running tanker. Whatever it happens to be used that to wipe your face instead of your hands or you could wear a cool little Wristband lake napoleon dynamite and use that guy in my strength class yesterday was wearing a head like bjorn borg. John mcenroe style headband. I'm like okay. Didn't know those back in but okay

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