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Here's an xtra sports look at the streets sponsored by indeed garden at the garden elkton an accident research parkway wet at austin bluffs we've got a crash that may still be blocking the right lane i twenty five into jake two went from pueblo and buddhist ranked out of the ordinary there but you know all that could change quickly here something big gets in your way you'll be the first to know about it indeed used by over three million businesses for hiring where business owners and hr professionals can post job openings with screener questions then sort review and communicate with candidates from an online dashboard learn more at indeed dot com slash higher extra sports thirteen hundred weather from first alert five becoming mostly clear tonight thirty two lots of sunniness tomorrow mid to upper sixties by now it's fifty one in the springs i'm chuck squire with traffic and weather on xtra sports thirteen hundred all sports all the time the following is an exclusive sports presentation of extra sports thirteen hundred next i'd like to introduce southern colorado it's time for your live and local sports talk show and terrible i think you to to become real homeys find his guests man i hate those guys here are your host ryan kaufman and chris brayden with a gun father of colorado springs sports radio wheels good monday to you come to the show ryan and wales with you.

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