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About at KFI am six forty dot com he word wake up call for clear enough the fourteen Santa Clarita fourteen south before new hall that happened earlier crash here everything's moved over the right shoulder you're still going to experience a back up there from golden valley but it's going to stay heavy as you approach the five pass that crash scene because Caltrans is working on the southbound five from the fourteenth to Balboa there in the left lane to a guardrail repair so that's why you're experiencing that extra heavy traffic okay fine this guy's sponsored by injury attorney super woman super lawyer dot com Jeff barber the work zone in Redlands the you better watch out trends really taken advantage here but it should be used to tenants yes that's kind of the south bound section between at three thirty to ten so that the work in lanes there will be a little slow coming through that but not everybody just depend right along and those living in Hollywood right now the so like areas south won a one the server like when you get down to several Boulevard defective traffic signal there is kind of **** things up a little bit little slow going through an enrollment now we spent sixty seven on the freeway to pick up truck with a problem E. sixty four fell way drive in the run of the right lanes with a severe back up not to know Gallas so take a few minutes to get through internet access is a super woman super lawyer dot com Jeff bokeh up by in the sky can't find this guy helps get to there faster I'm robin banks some germs are actually pretty good scientists at a company called Kerr bios have discovered a mutant enzyme it quickly breaks down plastic bottles in just a few hours and while most plastic recycling technologies.

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