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Two degrees in boston the morning i'm ben parker here we're following in the wbz newsroom president trump as senator bob corker trading barbed tweets an unusually harsh exchange liquid of resident that of senator from his own party webster police department mourning the loss of one of their own officer michael lee was kill that an accident over the weekend a court date of marlboro burlington teenager charged with starting at carcrash entered the left an offduty somerville police officer in critical condition hundreds gathered in las vegas lives by to honor the victims of last week's shooting at a country music festival early going on wall street the dow jones industrials down a fraction nasdaq up two points the sp 500 down about a white at a half memorabilia from the kennedy error auctioned off over the weekend in new york wbz's art cohen tells us what they fetch leon jeune held at gerns easy new york included a number of camelot era items john f kennedy's mahogany speedboat sold four seven eighty five thousand dollars a rocking chair that kennedy used in the white house specially made for him because of a back injury sold for thirty thousand dollars a second rocking chair used by both kennedy and lyndon b johnson sold four ten thousand dollars a blue bathing suit that belonged to first lady jacqueline kennedy sold for 1800 dollars at two pairs of swimming trunks owned by president kennedy sold four three thousand five hundred and 1800 dollars art cohen wbz news radio 1030 former president bill clinton hits the hub this week mr clinton to visit boston for the annual collegiate event which bears his name it'll be held this year at northeastern university the clinton global initiative university meeting is designed to inspire future leaders and.

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