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Was a heck of a coach now. Great coach Hall of Famer. No, he really was. And you're in a few hall of fames yourself. Speaking of that, we get UK fans calling it all the time. There's nothing quite like that fan base. No matter what the previous year was, what is the state of your program, which I'm sure I'm guessing it's pretty good. It is, but I'm still, I mean, we were the 5th seeded team in that tournament and lost that. I'm still sick over it. But Jacob's coming back. Oscar's coming back. I mean, we've got a team severe CJ's healthy, you know, you got Chris and kaysen. You got Antonio transferred in. You still get Damien. You got Lance, who I'm really excited about. So I do comes with us from Pittsburgh, so we've got a terrific group and hiring a new assistant. I don't even know if I'm allowed to announce it yet. I think it's something about today. Yeah, so go ahead. I think that what's a couple. But, you know, this, it's Kentucky. We play for the national championship. And my thing always is you want to be in the hunt. We were in a hunt last year. Yeah, you were really wrong. Two years ago, we won our league by three games, and they shut down the tournament. But that team could have won the whole thing. You want to be in the hunt. And we were and I'm looking at this team. Got a chance. We really do. But you've lived with it. You have one championship. You've lost.

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