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Kevin threat the Senate passes the Iran war powers resolution with a bipartisan vote the vote was fifty five to forty five with eight Republicans joining Democrats to approve the resolution Republican James in health was not one of them he argued the resolution isn't necessary some Democrats would have you believe a vote for a war powers resolution pretending as though the president is resting rushing to war is just not happening Democrats in Cain said the resolution is necessary because Congress has allowed its authority to slip away it's time for Congress to take this so very seriously the resolution research that it is Congress not the president that has the constitutional authority to declare war Linda Kenya on Capitol Hill Los Angeles police have now arrested a hit and run suspect who killed a woman on a skateboard captain Brian wielding with the LAPD tells KTLA five it's critical to stop if you get in an accident when we have one of these stop identify yourself and don't turn this into a crime if you become involved in a and a collision it doesn't have to be a crime stop render aid identify yourself and and help become part of the solution to this the woman was hit just after one this morning at the intersection of person drive in Manchester Avenue police say the driver may have been intoxicated a siren activation on Friday that frightened Huntington beach residents was blamed on a software glitch that has now been corrected police said today the city's emergency siren system went off at about four AM Friday scaring residence that a disaster was happening H. B. is part of a tsunami evacuation zone on Wall Street the Dow is down one twenty eight S. and P. five hundred finished in the red by five at nasdaq negative by about fourteen checking seven ninety K. A. B. C. sports clippers face off against the Celtics tonight in Boston that's sports on the new home of the USC Trojans K..

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