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I'm pretty sure and i'm i'm looking at up jack petersen and yossi yelp we are pretty much statistically identical this season the the numbers you the numbers you pay attention to now morning answer onbase percentage slugging and ops op ops in particular yes ops so yossi elp week onbase percentage three 24 pretty good jack petersen three fifty one so it's kind of a wash santa wash 350 one get on base thirty five percent of the time is well above league average okay so then slugging yet yossi all for fifty three jock for 66 that's awash debt ops yossi all seven seventy seven peterson eight twenty seven eight twenty seven is is that the best ops on the team i don't think so i'll look it i mean it very well could be eligible has higher bellenger probably turner the hotter does too yeah and the other thing you can't really get out with with peterson is he he hasn't had a very because of the injury he hasn't had a lot of it that we has a yet and that this factors into that tweak has sixteen home runs peterson has nine but they both have power right peterson's lefthanded makes a difference dodgers of the number on ops against lefties this yet yossi els righthanded i i it gonzalez's and healthy damage settle out of arkansas's is health right the other and and you know what they would be fine without can with gone without gonzalez they would if they made this deal there would be totally fine with if he came back right with yeah we can write an an and peterson out there and chris taylor at their they'd be fine the question is.

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