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And on this Monday were just a day away from the election when Michigan voters will be deciding on a historic proposal to legalize marijuana for recreational use WWE Stephanie. Davis takes an indepth. Look. It's proposal one on the ballot and it would allow possession and use of marijuana by anyone twenty one or older. You would also be able to buy up to two and a half ounce of marijuana a day and have up to ten ounces in your home. You could also grow up to twelve plants for personal use recent polls show, the proposal passing don't think that it's it's looking like it's going to pass it this point Luchon. If rattles is with Sam which stands for smart approaches to marijuana who's been part of the anti proposal one campaign. He's from Colorado where marijuana was legalized by voters in two thousand twelve we're really excited about a number of the things that the committee's dimed up on network television now with advertisements which were very excited about and also, you know, we we're doing a lot on the radio and elsewhere just trying to educate folks on on what marijuana legalization is really about marijuana legalization Israeli about just a massive commercialize industry, pushing highly potent products and. Unfortunately this proposal here in Michigan does not that's nothing to limit. The the high potency THC products in the in the concentrates that were being fake like Colorado and elsewhere legalize on the other side, Dr Kim Harris, president of the national business league is supporting proposal one. He wrote recently that he and his organization are behind the proposal because the prohibition of marijuana has disproportionately impacted the black community black Michiganders'. He says are three times more likely to be arrested for possession, then whites despite a national study saying they're less likely to have ever tried marijuana to begin. With to Harris says great concern is that black men and boys have been the target of the war on drugs racist policies. Niffer rattle says though it's been the poor and low income in Colorado who seen the influx of pot shops in Denver, Colorado, where I'm from there's one pot shop for every forty eight residents in some of our most vulnerable socio economic communities. So don't tell me. This is going to be kind of social Justice when the people that are being targeted are the people that are most vulnerable. Former President Barack Obama recently weighed in on the issue in the Washington Post saying marijuana should be treated like cigarettes or alcohol. Stephanie Davis, w w j NewsRadio nine fifty w j news time one twenty three the McComb county clerk's office under the leadership of Kathy Smith is coming election day, that's months after Karen Springer was removed from office mccone county executive Mark Hackell spoke live on WWF yesterday. He says he was aware of all the controversial policies sprang or was bringing to the office before a residency issue got her booted. I hate to say it. I think there's something else going on with her. It's a different mindset. I was just saying that an expert in any area going to be a public official and the law enforcement, but you're having experience with people there. So there's something different about her. And that's kind of a sad reality. So. You know, we're stuck with that challenges in the election cycle prior to the vote of that. Office right free press reporting last week that Springer once suggested using fecal eating worms in toilets instead of installing additional plumbing at a county building the Democrats had star power going at their Grand Rapids rally yesterday mattress. Elissa Milano campaigning with Gretchen Whitmer on Saturday Molyneaux has gained attention as a political activist following her October twenty seventeen hashtag me to tweet that helped get.

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