A highlight from An Oregon playful Ghost & Dungeness bay mystery series Ch. 13


Welcome to true mysteries of the pacific northwest stories of strange and unexplained people places and events. Today i look at poltergeist is an example of a playful ghost kurd here. In ashland oregon. When a psychologist from palo alto california purchased a home here and ashland that once belonged to one of the founders. So the town she had just moved in. It was eager to catch one the shakespeare performances when she left she closed up. The house locking the doors and windows when she returned all the windows who are unlocked as was the door during their next excursion into town. She left the windows open. The doors unlocked when she returned. Her house was locked up. I spoke with this very grounded woman. Who told me that she had tried to lock in certain windows and not others and whatever the case what was open would be closed. What was locked would be unlocked. Could these be the antics of a playful ghost. When i was having my home built up here in southern cascades. I talk with a contractor on several occasions during one of these conversations. The topic turn to the paranormal. He told me about fellow contractor. Who was working on a house alone ahead of when his crew would arrive it was late fall and the days were turning cold cool so he brought in several toll pedo type heaters and place them strategically around the house. Unplug them into the generator and went to work one at a time. They shut off until their roy moore had ceased in. The house was quiet moving from heater to heater. He found that each one had been turned off thinking that maybe his crew planet trick on him he went outside. No vehicles were parked on the property and when he walked around the house there was no sign of his crew. He then topped off the generator with gas entered. The house and turned on all the heaters began finishing work on a room. One again. The roar of heater stopped but this time when he checked their switches were in the on position when he went outside. The generator wasn't right when he checked the gas tank was empty again. Could these be the antics of playful spirit and one disapp- life almost go too far. Stephen pell is a serious solo climber to a succession of successful climbs. He decided he was ready to take the challenge of el capitan located and yosemite park california. He spent the first week mapping out his route and made numerous trips to the base of the giant cliff. Face where he would begin as ascent with each trip he would bring food and equipment back at his base camp. He consult with. Other climbers separators equipment. Out when the day of the climb arrived. He hiked to the base of okapi tan. I slight mentally prepared for the solo. Climb but when he arrived as equipment was tangled up a big mess and half his food was gone despite having been securely stored against bear another critters discouraged but not defeated you schedule. The data the climb and once again began the process of stalking the camp and the base of the cliff. This time he arranged for a fellow climber capita sidon and remain in contact by radio for days say stockpiled equipment and food on the last morning. Stephen received a frantic call. That much of the food have been taken. Apparently overnight and at the equipment was strewn all over the camp. Stephen took the second disturbance as an omen and passed on the sole climb up capitain. Could this be an example of a playful spirits antics getting out of hand. The poltergeist was produced here at night. Owl sound studio now. The joanna bright dungeness bay cozy murder mystery series continues with chapter thirteen and chapter twelve. Joanna was using the phone at the home of detective chop cowdery. Joanna called information to get the number for beachfront publishing the name of the first page of the manuscript beachfront publishing. How may

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