Rep. Adam Schiff and Other Democrats Leaking Away Classified Information


So he's got a big investigation going on arrogant. No attorney general Huge investigation here from Axios at Garland's discretion. The DOJ inspector general has opened an investigation into the Trump era. DOJ is use of secret subpoenas. To obtain data belonging to House Democrats again. They only cared when it happened to Democrats. Says. Here's the big picture. At least a dozen people link the House Intelligence Committee. The House Intelligence Committee, including Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell, both fierce critics of former President Trump won, by the way had a little relationship with Fang Face still hasn't told us about that had their records sees between 2017 in early 2018 is part of the leak investigation. Democrats in Congress have launched their own investigation they demanded, former Attorney General Bill Barr and Jeff Sessions testified. Not only this shift and small while and others leak away to the media, giving away potentially classified at minimum for official use information because they don't care. I mean, these are obviously partisan hacks committed to the destruction of their political opponents. All any and all people and obstacles get in the way they'll barge right through law regulations. Decency. They don't care that Democrats, not one bit Nobody said a peep one. The same thing happened in

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