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Let's go see fucking aqua. You can bring your sharks stocking. One of the things I also was bought a black man to doll. Oh, my Lord. So good like come on. We live in a world now where you can buy a black man to right. We used to dream about like, why can't they make a black band or figure? I gotta make it with my own fucking, clay and shit. Now, you can literally walk in and be like, I'll take twelve black Manta figures, which is what I did seize. Because when I see something I like it as story I want to buy it and so supported so they realize, oh, we should buy more of this. Whenever I see a COCOM thing. I'm like, I must get it. Keep one for me and give the west it was a target. We find it at target. You're one step away from arguing it was just one step away from hoarder. You know, that I am a total order. I hear you wanting to do story. This is so fucking gross. All right. So this morning. I went to target chiefly to look for razors, Harry's razors that you put on a razor's the my favorite that got edge blade at the top. So I get real close. Stay so targets got him. That's where I go get him. So I bought a twelve pack of razors, and in my bag travel bag out of three pack of razors that I've been used in switching the heads out. But I've used them it death, and they're not very good anymore. I have such a hoarders mentality. I haven't thrown them out and my way to the show tonight. I was like I should bring these give them to a fan. Who wants your old fuck and raised? This guy. Well, your fans they would take us toilet paper from the hotel. The reason I didn't alternately bring it as even weirder. 'cause I was like oh shit, man. It's got my hair on it. So they'll have my DNA. Oh my God. They could clone me. Now, I got worried there'd somewhere there'd be a Utah. Clone of me one day, and he'd be like fall. Wherein magic underwear. Meanwhile, on the other side of the street marble is finally talking about doctor strange to doctor strange kind of everybody forgot about that film. I love that movie great movie. And I don't think anybody forgot about him as a character. The relied on him heavily the to the standalone film, kind of pushed aside because a lot of stuff to take care of. I guess he's going to survive the snap. Then I guess so they're talking about number two. They've just signed Scott Derek in the original director writer of the first one wonderful did a brilliant job. Looks like go to go into production next year, and then may twenty twenty one they're speculating we'll finally get to see the film. So it's a ways off the reason I brought the story because Scott Deckers Derek in like a lot of folks in California's sadly, lost his home to the fires wildfires look out or something. It was near the wolves the Wolseley fire and his house burned to the ground. And he said he was forced to grab, you know. It's one of those things we wouldn't they evacuate. You just grab whatever is important to you. And take what you can. And he's posted a picture. He said this is what I grabbed. Oh, my God is gonna make me cry you, grab the original. I of modo. So he could have if they made another film. They would have the original. They would never Lou, man. He's cool his family and his pets behind. Be saved the prop from the movie very well done. Three golden retrievers perished in the blaze. But he's got..

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