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Press level Tony LaRussa was asked about Colby Rasmus a lot that is very inaccurate and very unfair of him and and make it doesn't betray our relationship even close I said this over and over again so I must say it again well there was we have a good relationship I will bet you have a great relationship he's a second year player last year and once in awhile you know in the in the learning process are going process manager so this issue is a third of our members with everybody goes with veterans your name thing that was romantic and and and I'll say it again forward our worst we have a good relationship the nature of larue said rast Mrs relationship was scrutinized over and over and over again the best have a great relationship at I'm excited about call with me are Jim it seems Larissa was always talking about Rasmus whether it be in the season in the offseason in spring training around and around and around the discussions went speculation about Rasmus and his role with the team his relationship to the manager if he was happy that his father Tony would talk to the media it seems like Colby Rasmus was always a topic of conversation Rasmus was the cardinals first round pick twenty eighth overall in the two thousand and five draft out of Russell county high school in Alabama after tearing through the minor leagues he made his big league debut April seventh two thousand nine at age twenty two and played a hundred and forty seven games that year getting to fifty one with a three oh seven on base in a four oh seven slugging percentage finishing eighth in rookie of the year voting and posting nearly two wins above replacement according to baseball reference the next year Rasmus took off his age twenty three year in twenty ten his second full year in the big leagues a two seventy six three sixty one for ninety eight slash with twenty three home runs and wins above replacement mark of just over three and a half once again according to baseball reference so to anyone not familiar with the saga it may seem a bit odd that it wasn't his plate that dominated the conversation when it came to Colby Rasmus your call to the St Louis post dispatch Colby Rasmus was their starting center fielder had had successful years in the past but not only that work but was the torch bearer for the new approach to drafting he was chaplain al's first tech he was the first Peck the cardinals had after the lost draft after the forgotten dropped after the draft where they actually downsize number scouts he was the first pick of the draft that was analytically driven in here and he was a high school outfielder and one of the analytics that they got was actually a scalp pacing off the wall true links of a prep high school baseball field to see how far some of Colby Rasmus is home runs went whether or not the fence was right so yeah I mean he was he was the guy he was prospect zero of even of the current group right like he's the one who signaled a change and there it was in the majors in again all right I mean he was slumping base being out played he was having difficulty he did not hide that he did not nacta resonate well with LaRussa in September of two thousand and ten cardinals manager Tony LaRussa confirmed that Rasmus had asked to be traded the St Louis post dispatch first reported that Rasmus asked for the trade in late July as the cardinals played the cubs at Wrigley Field Joe Straus offered details of a closed door meeting between LaRussa and Rasmus and threats to be sent down to triple A. Memphis the manager budding heads with the young outfielder once again Derrick Goold or also one point in time to come out to dinner I believe again it was a walkie and tried to connect with him it just could not find a way to make him feel comfortable because the thought was if you could get comfortable then he could play well the question was whether even really like planned or with this just the stress of it all and all the different voices filling his ears was a little bit too much I'm a player and I'm a leader on this ballclub FF I hear somebody saying they don't want to be here then you know all right you shouldn't be here you know and that's the way it is and pools voiced his frustration thing for him to come up and I'm raw and selling us a four X. ray that you guys should know about it I don't think those pre professional by hand you.

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