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G. C. U. is making its first ever tournament appearance in two thousand thirteen just the second year of eligibility after moving to division one for Georgetown two thousand thirteen marked its seventh trip to the big dance in the past eight years and the holy is twenty ninth NCAA tournament overall now let's get you back to the action at the Wells Fargo center got grand hall of Famer John Johnson Philadelphia fifty thirty two to go in the first half George out on top Florida Gulf coast seventy six here in the early going by the way for those of you on short through talking about Florida Gulf coast is only down the south part of the Gulf coast there based in for buyers with an older woman better than thirteen thousand just their second here's a postseason eligible one interestingly enough the last two years coach Andy Enfield is one thirty nine games the team won thirty nine games the previous four years combined great job or maybe he's got a good pedigrees they were members of the Florida state fair as well as the world you for feeling good defensive effort by the lawyers for the forecourt Smith the game all the time the stocks on the outside I believe it is spinning toward the baseline nothing there's top of the three we got taken down by the basketball he said the step the ball it bounces off of the end line so again the eagles keeper with twenty left on the shot clock truth vision Florida Gulf coast regional basketball what's more two seven this is W. between ServiceNow starters it starts back up on starts again right side three on the way it's about forty two percent George out of today this is one extended guarded by Starks feeler one touch for so long three pointers thank you you for the eagles back and forth we go two fifty to go to okay a dribble hand back behind only back to their side twenty two for the the fight starts again the circle thank and he is fouled on the way and by Colbert recalled for the region is first team sports drivers could not afford to lose cold he's a guy that sets up a lot of stuff he was very capable of setting up as well as Lauren Smith off the inbound driving down the side of the lane a reverse ladies now the one graph road to the point he gives it all for Mrs and now gets the rebound back in his way back up on his drive to the basket he was all the way down the baseline floated to the side of the backboard came right back into his hands and he was fouled by Starks who picks up his first Bernard Johnson go to go to the free throw line issue too definitely if you George said you can't stop because this is a process that they go to the office really well this is the first no good eleven attend the school starts on a drive down the lane he's got several hi George six in the first half of the inside of a guide you can handle the ball on the floor top of it and a held ball as he is tied up by two one grab the possession arrow belongs to Georgia collector because lotion early in the game when you need it you have we always get it back leading by a point just over seven minutes into the second round game here in Philadelphia between the two seeded and fifteenth seed in the south region reporter junior on the outside with one touch quick pastor Rivera's now they take it up to the top of the circle water down the quarter starts on a drive underneath his second chance at a three point play for Markelle start good Rovers will do it all shows that you got a notice support card when you go to search to sell for a lot of troops from point guard to get out there to look for just press the ball round robin consideration starts so far so good Florida gov do you for the rest of these places respectively with the message school starts his free throw rounded out no good ground and get tested for the rebound with Georgetown leading three and now your whistle from the officials I think they were late with the thirty five second clock it's only thirty fours are crossing half court if you want to reset that you're free to rescind the moon brother so one out of five so far here in the first close to thirty two and the musicians are satisfied Philip Smith each unit in the ballgame out for Florida Gulf coast well the answer is down by three with the basketball Dr inside kick back outside again to get each of those back to the outside and now a lot of passing against the Browns this is a reporter for the open job back to put her on the left side junior in order to restore you can light up when he gets going I right baseline looking to get to the top one such the shop close to the game portability Smith Rivera he's about to shoot even if it moves through the whistle of the basketball in L. Smith Rivera gonna get called for a hold as he got locked up with Christophe Berra down along the baseline that's gonna bring us to a time out.

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