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Have an impact on turnout. And in addition to just that suggestion from lynnwood the apparent civil war going on right now between republicans who want georgia republicans to do more to try to overturn the election and not state and georgia republicans. Who are saying no. I don't think so. This is an interesting story. That trump in republicans are really trashing. The secretary of state a lot because he's been very emphatic. That trump laws to these republican too. So there is a republican divide in the state but this is like a hugely important election. If you're a republican voter your choices to stay home and potentially give joe biden and kamala harris a trifecta. I doubt you're going to do that. I mean look. These races are so close. That i guess if maybe fifteen thousand people. Lynn woods words. That's enough so i wouldn't dismiss it 'cause the race close but i tend to think these things are going to be much less important than what the four candidates are i know. Trump's always a factor. I think this is like it is an important race where people's partisanship in sort of their leanings. Much worse than any sort of like intraparty fights that probably are more reticent with the media and leads then with regular votes. yeah. I don't know. I mean little things can matter. It was close in november. And it's close in the polling so if you have like this if if the runoffs by one point then lynnwood will not be a very popular man among republicans. Don't think well some other context here. Is that president. Trump has been saying for five years. American elections are rigged and there was record. Republican turn out in november so it seems like even if that is one of the messages. It doesn't necessarily dissuade people from voting again. You mentioned small numbers. Do we know what the small numbers of people may be from the polling who believed that the elections are truly rigged Vote actually might not matter versus just taking the partisan position of. Oh yeah while. I wanna trump to win. So i'm just gonna say like yes. Trump should have one end. The election was right. I mean i don't quite know how you would see that in the polling because these people who wouldn't turn out see i mean there is some polling suggests that turnout will be worse the gop in the runoff than in the regular election which could mean a few things it could be this thing about..

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