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You know, regardless of whether he's there to open the two thousand nineteen sees. Or not it's as obvious as can be that the giants are pointed toward the future. End at that future is not going to include manning at as the quarterback for a whole lot longer. Yeah. I think that's how it's shaping up. I really do. And by the way, just a little FYI. I -ean Rappaport rap sheet at the NFL network just happened to put out a tweet just a few minutes ago saying that Odell saw Antonio Brown receive added money without adding New Year's upon being traded to the raiders. And that his understanding that being rap sheets is that old L wants the same thing from the Brown. So Dell or reportedly already looking for a raise from the Browns following the trade. No surprise there. Patty. I, you know, of course, he's going to angle to try to get something. You know, let's actually talk about Odell for just a minute. You were the first one months and months ago who raised the idea after Odell Beckham signed his five-year ninety million dollar deal with the giants. You were the first one to raise the the notion that there was basically. Chance he was ever gonna finish that five year deal with the giants in the more. I thought about it in the more. I looked at it in the more. I saw the different sorts of distractions and things that happened. I came to agree with you. But I didn't think it was going to happen now despite all the smoke that had been that had been floating around didn't think it was going to happen. Now. I thought the giants might try as long as they still had ally that they might go one more year try to make it work try to, you know, while they were transitioning, but you know, I guess Gettleman was happy with this price in he wants to to to to start that rebuild. Now. I'm just I think we knew that the end would come for ode L. I just didn't think it was going to come. Now. I didn't think it was going to come now either. But with that said, Ed the giants have. A lot of holes on defense. Stay have a few holes also on offense that they have to fix, you know, they're not gonna fix everything. This this year, they're going to fix a lot of things. But I don't think they'll fix everything. So I guess, you know, I don't know what the tipping point is. We have obviously heard from the giants. They haven't even announced a trade they can announce until four one pm on Wednesday. But you know, ultimately, you know, it's going to be interesting to hear what Gettleman has to say. I'm sure when the press release does come out they'll be a statement from him in there. And I'm curious to see what he has to say about it. Especially after you know, saying we didn't sign him to train them, which by the way, I took to mean that we're not intending to trade, but we could still trade him. If circumstances allowed for it. I took it the same way Patty, and one of the things that I wrote a little bit earlier this evening at big blue view was. Was we've heard you know, we hear a lot of of things from from gentlemen in. There are certain statements are certain things that he tends to lean on one of the things that he one of the the beliefs that he leans into quite a bit is that you don't give up on talent another one of the beliefs that he leans into an he leaned into really heavily when we spoke to him at the combine was this idea that a general manager's job is to eliminate distractions. And if for a while you've wondered, okay, well, those two things, you know, aren't necessarily they don't necessarily work hand in hand. So push comes to show, which one wins. And I think in the end we found out which one wins in his. His mind. Yeah. I mean, look he talks about how everything he does is designed to send a message to that locker room. Right. So, you know, Dell a talented player, and you know, he gave them an also spoke about the whole question..

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